Saturday, January 29, 2011

My response to a piece on Race & Attraction

Hey Masir

No idea if you are involved in the PUA community but would like to hear your comments on this article written by PUA "Roosh" on his popular website, this guy written a few books like 'Bang' if you've heard of that one.

Anyways he talks in this article about the 'totem pole of racial attractiveness' in he writes which goes like this for men:

"Let’s start with the ranking for men, from most desirable to least desirable. If you placed a handsome representative from each category in a lineup and let the world’s women pick their favorite, here’s who would get the most votes:

  1. European men with darker, sultry features from countries like Spain, Italy, Portugal, and France
  2. Northern European men with light features from countries like Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Netherlands, and Norway
  3. Western men with medium features from countries like England, United States, Australia, Canada, and Ireland
  4. Middle Eastern men with darker but slightly rougher features from countries like Turkey, Greece, Morocco, Iran, and Algeria
  5. Latino men from countries like Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and ones in Central America
  6. Arab men from countries like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan
  7. African men
  8. Southeast Asian men from countries like Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia
  9. Indian men
  10. Asian men from countries like Korea, China, Taiwan

and for women

How about if we did the list for women? It’d be similar to the mens list but with a couple changes:
  1. Northern European women (+1 movement)
  2. European women (-1)
  3. Western women (no change)
  4. Latina women (+1)
  5. Middle Eastern women (-1)
  6. Southeast Asian women (+2)
  7. Asian women (+3)
  8. Arab women (-2)
  9. Indian women (no change)
  10. African women (-3)

Mentions Asians here:

"why are Asian women viewed more favorably than their male counterparts? It’s because they are seen as submissive and compliant, qualities that make for a good partner. Plus Asian genetic features are more pleasing on the feminine form. And how about African-American women—do they see a boost like with African-American men? I don’t see that. Media portrayals have not been kind to them—they are shown to be combative and promiscuous. There are some exceptions to their perception (Ethiopian women fare rather well in being desired by men), but unless the African girl has a shade like Halle Berry or Tyra Banks, she will have trouble competing with other women higher on the list."

Anyway that was pretty brief compared to the whole article

Am very interested to hear your viewpoint on this

This email landed in my inbox not too long ago. I was hesitant on writing up a piece on it, but I decided to do it just to reiterate that this topic is seriously getting old. In fact, I'm probably doing a disservice to the Asian-American community by revisiting it so I will apologize in advance. The funny thing is, I'm not even annoyed by it as much as I am amazed at how people out there are relentlessly in pursuit of marginalizing entire ethnic groups whether it be Asians, Blacks, Mexicans, etc. 

Let me make one thing clear. Asian-American men are not at a disadvantage in the dating game, period. There was a point in time where I had this twisted view of the world where I believe that they did. Truth is, its all relative. If you think you're at a disadvantage, well guess what? You will reflect that kind of mindset and persona in your demeanor which will make you look very insecure which is an invariable formula for failure. I've undergone an enormous transformation within the last 6 months and looking back at my previous blogs and commentary on other sites its actually quite embarrassing to say the least. 

Just to prove my point, I was in Virginia not too long ago and saw tons of hot AFs with AMs. Let me put that shit in bold...HOT ASIAN WOMEN with ASIAN MEN. Some of the guys these women were with were good-lookin' dudes, but I also saw others who were with women I believed to be out of their league. So what could it be? Well, it could have meant several things. 1) The guy has serious G-A-M-E and a kick-ass personality. 2) The guy has serious money. 3) It was completely serendipitous. Whatever the reason, it didn't really matter because they were with their Asian Queens and other guys were jockin' with jealousy. All in all, it made me proud and it also reinforced the notion that I must continue to take responsibility for my own unhappiness in the dating world (not that I'm saying I'm unhappy because I'm the happiest and most confident I've ever been to be absolutely sincere).

Oh yeah and last time I checked, Korean guys in substantial numbers, are sought after in many parts of the world.  

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Asian-American guy and his threesome in Greece.

Before I tell you this story, let me say that this is not my story by any means. Yes, I enjoy playing the field and flirting with women but I'm not quite as adventurous. Anyway, here it goes.

One of my good Cambodian-Chinese friends just came back from Greece and he had one hell of an experience. He had a threesome with a very beautiful woman and her husband. Whatever happened to the one penis per fantasy rule? Well he has no qualms about sharing a woman with another man, literally. The woman was so beautiful it didn't even matter to him. 

You're also probably wondering how in the hell did he manage to pull that off? I had the same question. Apparently, because there aren't that many Asians in Eastern Europe, Asian men are viewed as being very exotic. I've heard this to be true in South America as well but I'm not 100% sure since I've never been to either of these places. I can only speak on behalf of my friends' experiences. I guess there's only one way I can really find out!

So when her husband approached and asked my friend, we'll call him "Jego", if he wanted to sleep with this beautiful woman who ended up being his wife, he nonchalantly agreed. Personally, I wouldn't have taken such a proposal all that seriously, but according to Jego he felt reassured that he wasn't going to get jacked. *shrugs*

Props to Jego though for pulling that one off because I know for sure as hell I couldn't do something like that unless I was completely inebriated. Wait, he did say he had 8 shots of whiskey...

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Years Resolution: No More Facebook

Traditionally, most New Years Resolutions require painstaking efforts for me to maintain simply because I'm trying to kick a dirty habit or conversely start a good one which I don't feel like doing, but this year is different. This year I've declared a New Years Resolution which I'm confident I'll actually be able to adhere to.

My New Years Resolution is to stop using Facebook.

It's not indefinite since there are some friends I'm connected with who use it as their primary means of communication. If I absolutely must contact them then I'll have no choice but to login, but until that day comes I'm done with Facebook. D-O-N-E. I've wasted countless hours doing nothing on that site probably amounting to several weeks worth if not more. While Facebook can be characterized as a social networking tool, I find it to be more of a menacing time vortex where I'm constantly logging in, checking profiles and commenting on aimless blurbs. The worst part about it is when my so-called "friends" socialize with me in this virtual space like we're best buddies yet are inexplicably unable to meet with me in person for even thirty minutes after not seeing each other for over a year. Wow. Seriously? 

Look, I know everyone has busy schedules and tons of priorities. I have mine too. But what really started irritating me is how Facebook has become a social crutch for a lot of people out there where they no longer want to interact with people the good old-fashioned way in person. No, they'd rather Facebook someone and apparently it's sufficient.

That's not to say social networking is entirely meretricious. Services such as Meetup, LinkedIn and Apple's Ping have some real intrinsic value through their services, but when the NY Times reports Goldman Sachs valuing Facebook at $50 Billion I can't help but to cry out bullshit.