Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"I can't be racist. My wife is Asian."

Alright. How many times have I heard this one before from some racist asshole? Time to Ether these motherfuckers.

I'm sure you're all aware that the idiot at ESPN who wrote the "Chink in the Armor" headline on their website post Jeremy Lin's loss got canned along with a 30-day suspension of Max Bretos, the idiotic anchor who uttered the phrase. All Bretos had to do was say sorry and shut the fuck up. Pretty simple. Could've ended it there and everything would've been forgiven and forgotten. But instead, he had to open his stupid mouth and pull out the "I can't be racist. My wife is Asian" card.

Question. Do you think Asian-Americans are going to excuse your intentional or unintentional racist backhanded remark just because you've been fucking an Asian woman for a while now? Do you think you're winning points with the Asian-Ammerican community?

Newsflash Bretos. You and all the other non-Asian guys who go around claiming they cannot be racist because their wife is Asian or they're dating and sleeping with Asian women doesn't excuse you from being racist. It only magnifies it. It exposes your hidden agenda making you look like a complete jackass. Twice.

[Update. Found this blog and wanted to share this quote from another woman]
It seemed that he believed that insulting men who look like my grandfather is fine, because I’m a woman, the object of his desire.

I have come to the conclusion that there are plenty of racist White men who are quite happy to date, have sex with and even marry women of color because while they disdain men of color, they fetishize the women and enjoy them as they would an unusual flavor of ice-cream. Worse, many interracial relationships thrive on racist stereotypes and power dynamics. 
We see through the racist schemes guys like you play in trying to hold Asian-American men down. Now that an Asian-American male is finally getting the opportunity to shine and show off Alpha qualities garnering nationwide attention and fandom from females of all ethnicities, from all over, it's piles of shit like you who go around having to ruin a wonderful moment for a community that has been dealing with an onslaught of racism since they first stepped foot on American soil.

This is the same group of men who have been constantly viewed as an outsider since the 1800s when they were building the country's railroads. This is the same Asian-American community where mainstream media and entertainment, which you are an integral part of, has denied them the opportunity to portray the way they'd like America to see themselves in a realistic, non-stereotypical manner. Yet, Asian-American men are denied of their masculinity and made fun of because of their God given heritage.

Well, I hope you're very proud of yourself in being able to find the "chink in your armor" sitting at home with you. But I hope even more so that she leaves your ass for an Asian-American guy who's had to endure more harsh racism in a single basketball game than you've probably ever had to your entire life.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Jeremy Lin, Reinvents the Asian-American Male Image

[Update] Changed the title. I liked the phrase "soft bigotry of low expectations" but Timothy Dalrymple already claimed it in his blog. Sorry Tim!

Oh God not another post on Jeremy Lin?  Yes, and definitely not the last.

The guy was slept on for the longest time albeit several of us out there believed in him from his glory days at Harvard. You think he was slept on because race was a factor? That there were low expectations preconceived by soft bigotry in his physical appearance? No question.

Look, I've always been on the lookout for quality Asian-American role models who radically defy the stereotypes Asian-Americans, men especially, have had to endure since day one. Whether they're going around being reckless playboys, chief executives or transcendent athletes, I really don't care nor will I judge their moral code of conduct. As long as they don't wear the Asian-American stereotypical dress-code being a nerd, martial arts junkie, dorky fob or having zero Game then it's fine with me. In fact, there's actually nothing wrong with being any of those aforementioned types, but when it's the same old story that you see and hear everyday, everywhere in American mainstream media and entertainment, having to be constantly placed into one of those buckets starts to appear as if it's racially motivated.

I don't know about you, but I can guarantee there were at least several thousands of AA men who started to tear up or literally cry out of pride and joy. I'm not embarrassed to admit I was one of them. While watching him play the Lakers I could feel this sensation around the perimeter of my eyes as they were filling up with tears, ready to gush out at any moment's notice. As much as I tried to swallow them whole it was no use. I had already begun to ball. No pun intended. 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

A letter from Tim Chiou guest starring on 2 Broke Girls

After the whole 2 Broke Girls alleged racism debacle, the producers of the show had a casting call for a "Hot Asian Guy" to star as a web designer where he and Caroline will have a thing for each other. Things are definitely going to heat up. Looks like Alpha Asian Gentleman Tim Chiou will be staring as Edwin cajoling Caroline even after hours at work. NICE.

I thought this was blog worthy so I decided to give him a shout out and ask him about the selection process and what this means for Asian-Americans. 

Hi MaSir,

Thanks for the shout out! Its been good to get a lot of buzz from the casting. I wish I could say something interesting about the selection process, but it was pretty straightforward. Just like any other audition I've had. To me, it was just your average day of work.

I know there has been some controversy surrounding 2 Broke Girls, and a lot has been made of what the existence of my role means, but at this time I am going to abstain from commenting on it. I think time will shed some more light as to what it all really means. But I will say that I went in there to do a job, and I just tried my best to do that job well. And I had a great time doing it. There are some very talented people working on that show, and I feel blessed to able to have the experience of working with them.

Again, thanks for the email. Hopefully, you'll watch the episode when it airs, and that people will ask for more Edwin! 


Hey, I'm all for it as long as he's not doing kung-fu, being nerdy or fobby. Keep Edwin on the show and make him a total player or a sweetheart who ends up getting engaged to Caroline. Just don't make him a stereotypical Asian male!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Jeremy Lin-spirational


I'm pretty sure you're never going to visit my blog, because you're a wholesome guy who has much better things to do than to read this silly blog. Neverthless, I still want to give you a shout out and a bunch of props for your performance recently. It's not like you sucked and suddenly bursted on the scene. You just weren't given the opportunity to shine like the superstar you were always meant to be on the basketball court.

Since your days at Harvard I've been watching you always on the lookout for the latest and greatest Lin news. Thankfully, I didn't have to go searching on some AA blog to find you but instead easily find you on the the sports section's front page.

I hope your streak is just the beginning of many more praiseworthy games to come. Handle it!


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Why Men Prefer Asian Women. Part II

I don't need to say much.  The video is self explanatory.  Props to Girls Generation for being the first Korean group to every debut on a major American TV talkshow!