Thursday, March 17, 2011

Response to UCLA White Girl On Asian Rant

There's been an onslaught of critical responses toward Alexandra Wallace's racist diatribe toward Asian students at UCLA. My cohort is the one who actually informed me of her YouTube video bashing Asians and how the rant went viral. When I heard first the news I became a bit angry since I thought it was going to be extremely condescending and blatantly racist. Before making any rash judgments though I had to watch it for myself, and after viewing the Wallace's clip I must say that her statements aren't completely wrong.

Could she have softened up the tone? Yes. Could she have omitted the mocking of Asians with her, "Ching Chong Ting Tong" comment? Abso-fucking-lutely. In fact, that line is what pissed me off more than anything, because I grew up having to listen to that and thought people in the 21st century would have changed the way they hear Asian languages due to globalization, the Internet, tolerance and understanding. Well it looks I was wrong.

Now I have to concur that Asians are spoiled a little too much by mom and dad. Does that make it a bad thing? Yes and no. I'm not going to get into that debate now but it is true. Secondly, I have also experienced Asians talking on their cell phones in the library which is also annoying as hell because its a LIBRARY, not a coffee shop! Let's not forget it's not just Asians who talk on their cell phones in the library though. I've seen plenty of other people of different ethnic backgrounds yapping away on their phones which could simply be a function of the Asian population majority at UCLA who coincidentally are answering and making calls in the library.

My point is, I am not angry at Alexandra. Additionally, I'm hoping she's not a bigot and want to give her the benefit of the doubt that she was simply stressed out from cramming for finals and needed to vent. The best response I've seen to her video post is the one below.

After watching her response it put a lot of things into perspective for me. Here I am complaining about a bunch of useless crap going on in my life, meanwhile the people of Japan are in shambles after a devastating 8.9 earthquake + tsunami utterly destroyed a community of people and is on the verge of nuclear meltdown. I want to say thanks to sunah17. I commend your response in taking an unfortunate racialized situation and turning it into something positive for all of us to watch.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Don't Fall For It: Women With Many Guy Friends

Yes, I know you readers out there have heard of this before.  The old, "I have lots of guy friends" remark that you hear a certain woman make.  So what the hell does all of this mean? Simply put, these women are THE WORST. They are the scum of all scum: high maintenance, competitive and downright egotistical maniacs and like vampires, they will suck your blood dry.

Where and how did I come to such a bold conclusion? History. Not just my personal experiences because that would be very myopic. I have seen this occurrence time and time again among my homies and other friends. But let's just start with my personal experience first and I'm sure some of you fellas out there can relate.

So I recently met a beautiful girl (not a dime but silver dollar at that) who I've become friends with...sorta. The first criticism I remember her making was about how she wasn't like the girls from LA in that she wasn't "high maintenance". Now the funny thing is, I should have known better and saw that as a red flag since 1) Not all women from CA or even LA are high maintenance. In fact, I think LA has some of the coolest most down to earth girls out there in the US and 2) statements like that are usually hypocritically contradictory. Sad thing is, I actually believed her for a second. Maybe she's not high maintenance, I thought to myself. Nothing could have been further from the truth. Goddamn.

When we started hanging out her phone was constantly blowing up. I'm talking text after text, call after call, email after email and naturally so. Remember she's a silver dollar, but it doesn't stop there. When we'd go out to happy hours, she somehow knew 19 out of the 20 guys from the group and was still getting hit on by new ones left and right. All I could do was sit back and watch it unfold until it dawned on me. This girl is a hundred times more high maintenance than the LA girls that she's so critical of. She's so high maintenance that she constantly needs attention, be placed on a pedestal and have her ego jerked-off from the hands of men until she emotionally climaxes.

Don't try to play the Game with her either. If you ignore her, trust me, she has a 100 more guys who are waiting in line to give her attention. In her mind, you're just another guy who "wants me" and she'll incessantly exploit you for the sucker that you are. She'll pretend to be all sweet and girly in front of your face, but behind your back she's talking shit, calling you an asshole, laughing at your sorry attempt in trying to Game 'her and when you finally cave in and call...guess who's bringing her dinner? If it ain't you, its some other douchebag.

Usually women who have tons of guy friends will also invariably claim that they're "not like other women". For some reason, they just can't get along with other women and that women have "never liked me". Bullshit. Don't buy into this one either fellas. You know wanna know why? Every woman with tons of guy friends says the exact same shit. I kid you not. THE EXACT SAME SHIT. So how does that make her so unique from other women now? Oh right... it doesn't!

The women who are actually different are the ones who are good-looking, stay low key and have more female friends than guy friends. They don't need a barrage of men hawking at them or tending their every beck-n-call in order to make them feel worthy, because they haven't become cynical creatures fueled by their own arrogance and selfish-motivations. And as a female being friends with another one requires something that good-looking women have rarely had to do in their lifetime which is to put in the work to build a relationship. It takes a lot of effort to establish a relationship and build trust with a female especially when you've been jocked your entire life. Look what men have to endure just to get a date with a woman. You think women want to deal with the same challenges?