Friday, May 28, 2010

The Best Commercial of 2010

Just watch it and you'll see why.

K-Town Cowboys - I'm Diggin' It!

I first heard about K-Town Cowboys from one of my brother sites Alpha-Asian and now I'm diggin' it! Sorry James, I've been agonizing waiting for the next one! I was a bit skeptical of it at first but its been pretty entertaining and fairly accurate.

What I like about K-Town Cowboys more than anything is how it depicts Asian-Americans, specifically Korean-Americans. We're normal, fun, easy-going and enjoy Gaming just as much as the next American guy. The two words I want to underscore here is normal and American. No, not the kind of shit Hollywhite incessantly shoves down our throats, but what you're more likely to find here in America.

Of course, its not going to be 100% spot on because its fiction, but the producers do a superb job of incorporating many of the real K-Town elements in the show. Some of them I actually cringe over which explains why I wasn't too fond of the whole K-Town culture growing up. Nevertheless, I can still relate. Hopefully someday you will too.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Funny Craigslist: Dummy’s Guide to Asian Girls with White Fever

Last week I blogged about an unfortunate, yet amusing post about some Asian girl who got her bum-hole blitzed during some casual encounter. Up until now I've either heard or read about a vast number of Asian-American women complaining about how they're sick of meeting guys with "Yellow Fever" and treating them like an "Asian [fill in the blank]". Is it just me or does this sound like a self-fulfilling prophecy?

If you're an AA female and the only guys that you happen to date are white, then it shouldn't be all that surprising that you encounter countless guys with Asian fetishes. It's going to happen.

This is where I think a significant percentage of Asian women who act like they're disgusted when they meet guys with "Yellow Fever" have it all wrong. As much as some non-Asian (white) guys have this  fetish for Asian women, the same can be said for vice versa. Its all explained in this post I found on Craigslist shown below.

Dummy’s Guide to Asian Girls with White Fever
The WHIGGIE (White Guy Groupie)
A brief profile of Asian girls afflicted with “White Fever”
ORIGINS: A subset of women of Asian ethnicity, usually found residing in major U.S. cities, although they have been known to appear overseas occasionally. Closely related to their cousins, Yellow Cabs (Japan), Gwei-Po’s (Hong Kong), Sarong Party girls (Singapore), Twinkies and Bananas.
NOT TO BE CONUSED WITH: Intelligent, emotionally-secure women who are free of identity problems, self-hate, racial prejudice and chips on their shoulders.
- Poorly developed self-identity. Pathetically insecure with themselves and their ethnicity.
- Resentment of father’s traditional, authoritarian upbringing (whether real or perceived).
- Brainwashed into believing that they, as AF’s, are more desirable than other women in exotic lotus blossom kinda way. Willingness to pander to western media sexual stereotypes of AF’s, which they perceive as marketing advantage.
- Thoroughly whitewashed. Desperate need to fit into “mainstream” (i.e. white) society and to distance themselves from their Asian heritage. Racial inferiority complex.
- Feigned air of superiority when dealing with members of own race and any other minority groups. In need of major attitude adjustments.
- Exaggerated, whiny, Encino-esque valley girl accent.
- Delusions of grandeur… “I want it all…and that begins with the right (i.e. white) guy…” Asian-American princess complex.
- Uncanny ability of determine one’s nationality, occupation, earning capacity and make of auto within three minutes of commencing a conversation.
- Exaggerated perception of white males’ value in increasing AF’s social status.
- Ignorant and narrow-minded, eager to adopt and perpetuate fallacious western media stereotypes of Asian men.
- A compulsion to trash Asians, particularly Asian men, in order to justify their autoracist tendencies, placate their guilt and bolster their self-esteem.
- Extremely shallow, self-centered, argumentative and boring.
- Disdains ethnic studies; regards it as a major threat to her carefully constructed, self-deceptive whiggie identity.
- Despises all Asian men, with the occasional exception of their brothers (after all, they share the same genes.
- Believes that racism does not exist because she, as an AF, has never experienced it first hand, or is too dense to realize it. Besides, those Asiaphiles are so nice to her (while plotting to get into her pants.
- Gets a warm fuzzy feeling when watching The Joy Luck Club, while snuggled up to her geeky Asiaphile boyfriend.
- Believes that the only reason an Asian person would disrespect her is because they are racist.
- Has lost count of how many WM’s she’s done this month.
- The wet-dream come true for socially-handicapped Caucasian nerds who are unable to attract Caucasian women.
- Threatened and insecure in the presence of any culturally-perceptive Asian person or any AM not fitting her stereotype of the quiet , marginalized, “model minority” geek.
- Fundamentally insecure, utterly confused, lacking in self respect.
- Many aging whiggies, after being used and abandoned by WM’s in favor of younger, more nubile whiggies and being rejected by AM’s who see through their transparency, develop a bitterness towards all men, period.
- Denial of all of the above.
FACIAL EXPRESSIONS: a) Look of contempt when eyes meet those of any non-white male, converting to beaming grin upon sighting of WM victim/target; b) terminal pout or c) bimboish expression that defies deep thought.
TYPICAL ATTIRE: Anything trendy, mainstream-looking and seductive (especially if it’s black and tight). Big hair (perhaps their most valuable asset) tossed with hand every 15 seconds. Wonderbra. Fanatical whiggies have been known to undergo certain procedures such as eyelid surgery, breast augmentation and vaginal tightening operations in order to increase their marketability to WM’s. Blue contact lenses and bleached blonde hair have even been sported on occasion. Note: Attire may vary depending on the specific type of WM being targeted.
I.Q: Too low to measure.
Personal ad columns (“exotic, slim, SAF seeks successful, generous SWM”), cheerleading squads, sorority houses (role: token “oriental sisters”), T.V. newsdesks, B-grade Kung-Fu flicks, trendy nightclubs (usually found necking with aging WM’s), Chinese restaurants (slumming with the WM and demonstrating that she’s “in touch with her heritage”), anywhere else frequented by White males.
Age 10: “Mom, why do we have to be (Chinese/Japanese/Korean)? Do you have to dress like that? And what’s with Dad and his accent?
Age 12: “Mom, I want an eyelid job for Christmas, okay?
Later on…
“I’ve always only dated white guys. I don’t know why, I just have.”
“Race doesn’t matter. I just happen to like white guys. It’s just a preference.”
“We are the world, we are the children…We…”
“I’ve gone out with all kinds of guys…Dutch, English, French, German, you name it. Even went out with a Jewish guy once! After all, love is color blind.”
“Eeeew, Jennifer, how could you go out with that (insert minority group here) guy!?” Totally gross!
“Oooh Roger, you’re like soooo strong and intelligent. Did you say you drive a beemer? Kewl! (giggle).”
“I want to learn English better…you maybe teach, handsome man? Are you U.S. citizen?” (Yes FOB’s can be whiggies too!)
“Like why would I want to go out with an Asian guy? They don’t own me or anything. Uhh, and besides they are all male chauvinist …and domineering too…yeah that’s it! Didn’t you see The Joy Luck Club?”
Like, I’m dating *out* of my race, so how can I be racists?!! Duh!!
CLOSELY RELATED TO: Racists, bigots, wannabes, ho’s, chameleons, white supremacists, a fish out of water.
MEDIA REPRESENTATION/ROLE MODELS: Connie Chung, Amy Tan, Lisa Ling, Margaret Cho, Sheryl Wu Dunn, any of The Joy Luck Club protagonists (except the one who married an Asian dude).
NATURAL COUNTERPARTS: Asiaphiles…who else?
I didn't write it but I agree with about 90% of it. He should've added Esther Ku and Michelle Malkin to this list of "MEDIA REPRESENTATION/ROLE MODELS".

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Boycotting "The Last Airbender"

Go! Let's smash this illegitimate representation of Asians in Hollywood. I already signed the petition in boycotting this movie last year due to Hollywhite's recent advertising blitz around The Last Airbender, and I figured I would let all of my readers know exactly how I feel about the casting for this movie.

It is a slap in the face to every Asian-American. We are still the outsider who cannot play a leading role in 2010. It is a slap in the face to the fans of Nickelodeon's animated Avatar: The Last Airbender series who expected the movie to stay true to its creators. Most importantly, it is a slap in the face to every white American who is not racist, but must now be associated with this group by convention of ethnicity.

The perpetual portrayal of Asian males as villains, nerds, FOBs or extras is just another instrument the "powers that be" used to paint us as trivial members of society. We are Ralph Ellison's "Invisible Man". In fact, when I see a cast for a movie as blockbuster as this one its as if Hollywhite is saying,
C'mon...You know how it is...We just can't have Asian-Americans, especially Asian men, shown in a sexy, charismatic or positive light. Its one of the few ways we can continue brainwashing women of color that we are the best. By the way, I'm dating some hot Asian chick I met through extra casting.

Doesn't Paramount remember how well Dragonball-Z did?  I wonder if the execs at Paramount know its now 2010.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Grace Park is awesome

Grace Park is beautiful. I don't say that too often since I don't find Asian women all that beautiful. Cute and pretty yes, but beautiful is a little bit tougher to come by. Don't ask me what the difference is because that's another discussion altogether it itself. So the first time I saw her was on a Canadian TV teen show called Edgemont and it was love at first sight. Okay, maybe not LOVE but I guess you could say I was a bit infatuated with her. She had a refreshing look with a demeanor of the all-Canadian-Asian girl which is quite different from the US. If you go to Canada, you'll know what I'm talking about.

NOTE: I love Canadian TV shows because they're much more ethnically diverse as opposed to the US. Everyone should watch Edgemont if you get the chance. If Canadian hotties such as Grace Park, Kristin Kreuk, Sarah Lind, etc. aren't good enough reasons for you to watch it, then I can't help you.

I think the role that took her career to the next level was starring as Number 8 and Boomer in the hit TV series, Battlestar Galactica. My friend was a huge fan of that show. I was never into SciFi all that much besides Star Wars but given the rave reviews from critics and viewers alike, I should probably watch it sometime when I get the chance.

Then just today I read online that she's going to be playing in a remake of the 1960s TV series Hawaii Five-0. I wasn't even born when the show came on but I do know it was famous, because everyone uses that term "5.0" when referring to cops. In addition, its notable theme song.

Congratulations on your new starring role in Hawaii Five-0!! Much love and success to ya.

P.S. Gain about 10 lbs. for me my Grace. As beautiful as you are, yes, a few lbs here and there wouldn't hurt. 

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ouch!! That must've hurt.

I came across an interesting rant on Craigslist and thought I'd share it with you. It hurts reading this. No pun intended. Word of advice to the Asian ladies who meet guys with yellow fever. You might want to clench your butt cheeks extra hard just in case you encounter a fetishizing, Asian female ass-fucker. Ouch!
To the guy who fucked me last night, FUCK YOU.

Look, I understand you have a thing for asian girls. When it comes down to it, I suppose I have a thing for white guys, even ones as old as you. And there I was last night with two of my Korean friends, and yeah, they did look hot, and yeah, I thought so too, so it didn't really bother me that you kept referring to us as the hottie asian chicks; that's why we're freakin on each other. Besides, I've gone down on white chicks and even though I was only doing it because I thought he'd like it, I'd much rather go down on either of them so I suppose I have a thing for asian girls too.

I can even deal with the asian themed porn back at your apartment. I used to please my ex-boyfriend and he'd watch asian porn. I can even handle butt sex. There are times when I've almost enjoyed it, but really I'm just tolerating it, because I like pleasing a cock.

But please, don't just cram your fucking dick into my ass without any lube or prep. There's a reason that porn whore can do it. Because she's a fucking PORN WHORE who takes money in exchange for never being able to shit again. That reminds me, when you're fucking a girl in the ass, but didn't give her any money, she's a SLUT, not a WHORE. You called me and "asian whore" like fifty times before you came, and as uncomfortable as that butt sex was, I was thinking "And I'm fucking ESL." And the way you came, pulling my hair and slapping my face with your dick: not fun for me. Remember, you did NOT prep my ass, so your dick was covered with shit. There is no way I was going to suck it no matter how hard you pulled my hair.

Pretty much the only good thing about that sex was that it was at your apartment, so I could call a cab and leave without calling the police and being forced to file a rape charge that would ruin my family just to get you out the door.

When that is the standard, you're a pretty lame fuck and that's probably the reason you don't have a girlfriend. You're a lame fuck who's been lost to a fantasy world and now confuses having fun with watching a porn whore. You're a lame fuck who raped me when, under the right circumstances, I would have gotten an enema, lubed up, and let you sodomize me. I know my friends told you that I'm on the rebound and I wanted to get laid. I wanted to get laid all weekend, and you seemed pretty nice, handsome, and your apartment didn't scare the shit out of me, so you would do, and if not, well there's Saturday night, also. You just fucked it up for all the cool guys who could have gotten a freaky weekend of NSA pussy, because now my asshole hurts and I fucking HATE MEN!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cunt Punters vs Cock Blockers

I never thought another female would serve as an even bigger obstacle than another guy when trying to game a girl with a group of her female friends in a night time venue.

A couple weekends ago I was out with one of my buddies hitting up a bunch of different bars and clubs in the city. He's been single for a while now trying to get back in the game so I figured I'd be his wing for the evening. I played defense for him several times which gave him the opportunity to isolate his target and get a phone number at the very least. However, it made me realize how difficult it is to be successful if you don't have the support of your friends when there's an additional female player in the mix. This isn't to say you cannot be successful gaming in solitude such as Asian Playboy and Mystery have proven time and time again, but having someone there to play "D" is pretty valuable when you have Cock Blockers and Cunt Punters hindering your chances. 

And now, I don't know what's worse.  I feel like women who've punted me or my friends are more challenging to deal with because I have to gain their trust.  Its tough enough as it is to gain the trust of one female, but her friends too?  Yikes! Most guys are pretty cool with opening up and socializing with you, but women find every guy threatening. Its really weird. Is there a jealousy factor involved? I don't know. 

So my friend tried hitting on one of these girls that night. She gave him the cold shoulder. Well just like Aaliyah said, "If first you don't succeed, dust yourself on try again." Sure enough, he did on the dance floor and she reciprocated. Meanwhile watching from a distance, some crazy girl came up to me and kept insisting that I "break her off". You know. . . those crazy girls that want to dance with you to every song like it's playing 120 BPMs.

That's when I saw the Punt. Her friend jumped in after one minute and immediately pulled her back. Damn it! I got distracted with this crazy and let him lose one of the best looking girls in the joint. By the time I told her "Thanks but I have to go check up on my friend", both of the other girls left. Sad thing is, I believe this happens all too often.

Let me rewind back to early 2007. I'm at this yuppy restaurant /lounge/club down in Santana Row in San Jose by myself (yes, while on business trips I used to roll solo to a lot of night time venues to work on my game). After coming out of the restroom, I headed on over to the bar when I made eye contact with this pretty hot Asian girl.  She stopped me, placed her hand on my wrist and asked if I were Vietnamese. Random, I know. I replied, "No. Would you like me to be?" and smiled. Her other Asian girlfriend pulled her away like I was some disgusting freak of nature. So here I am, standing alone wondering why in the world her friend pulled her away when she is obviously interested (or super inebriated). I took a step back and went up to the bar to buy a drink only to find the two of them on the dance floor a couple minutes later. "Fuck this. I'm going to dance with this girl. I know she's into me", I hear my internal voice whispering.

Standing with a military posture, I sauntered over to the floor making solid eye contact with her and followed up with a sly grin. She responded and we were off. After the 3rd song I decided to go in a little closer and our bodies started touching. I asked her what this strap was doing around her waist while snapping it. It was obviously her throng strap. She laughed and pushed her ass against me harder. 

Suddenly her Cunt Punting friend came in and yanked her away from me once again to go dance with these two white guys. I don't want to say it was because I wasn't white. Who knows? Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't. 

What confuses me is why women do this to begin with. Do women really believe that the majority of men in bars and clubs are creepy? I would never automatically dismiss a female as being a hoe just because she goes clubbing. Maybe I'm just a creepy looking guy. Whatever the reason may be, I learned one important lesson that I was reminded of a few weekends back.
  1. Win the trust of her friends ASAP
  2. Have a wingman to play defense
Or prepare yourself to get blown out. Women are bigger punters than men are blockers.