Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Few Reasons Why Men Prefer Asian Women. Part I

The question often arises, "Why do men prefer dating Asian women?"

Whether it's asked out of sheer envy or morbid curiosity, men of all races have their laundry list of reasons. Well today I'm breaking it down for you. In fact, this is a subject area that a friend of mine and I have both explored, experienced and now firmly agree upon. It is what sets Asian women apart from females of other nationalities. Notice how I said "Asian women" as opposed to "Asian-American women". The difference may seem subtle but the "American" aspect has a significant influence on a woman's demeanor. Some positive, some negative. I am here to discuss the latter that can be attributed to American Feminism as the culprit for stripping away the cuteness and femininity that many men find so attractive in Asian women.

So let's start with cuteness first (I'll cover the other reasons in parts two and three of the series). I'm referring to what Koreans call aegyo -- a contemporary expression to describe cute and playful behavior derived from the word aegi meaning "baby" in Korean.

Here's an example of aegyo courtesy of the K-Pop group Kara.

[Update] Some of you may not know Korean. So here's a quick summary of the clip. Han Seung-Yeon from Kara who is wearing the red hat is very good with aegyo in public. Other members of the group struggle with this and attempt to show aegyo on the show. Notice the audience's reaction.

Friday, December 2, 2011

50 Female Phone Numbers. 48 Stale. Still Gaming

Shocking? Hardly.

I've gotten 50 numbers in the past several months after going out 3-4 times a week and I've only been able to meet up with two. These were all cold approaches at bars, lounges, clubs, bookstores, name it. And after all that, I was only able to achieve two 2nd dates after initial contact. That's a 4% success rate of getting a 2nd date and guess how many of those actually translated into something further.


And yet, I'm still pressing onward. I've gotten rejected just about every way possible:
"I have a boyfriend" 
"I usually don't give out my number to random people" 
"Please delete my number from you phone"
Or better yet, the frequent no response which makes you wonder why she gave you her number in the first place. In fact, I'm surprised I haven't turned into a complete asshole yet considering the amount of work I've been putting into this Game. As someone once told me, "Learning is painful."

Sure I've had my occasional make out sessions with women the same night but that doesn't mean crap if you don't end up going on a 2nd date. Women have no idea what it feels like to be rejected the way men do. It really fucking hurts sometimes. Hell, there's even been times where I've come close to crying. It takes a lot to overcome approach anxiety and once you do, there's still an uphill battle that requires you to withstand a woman's unresponsiveness to your calls, texts, emails, messages or any modes of communication.

One would think that after 48 stale numbers I should face reality that I suck at this Game and just throw in the towel.

Until I'm married, never that.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Asian Finger Bangin' B-Girl

I have to share this with you all because it's creatively brilliant.  Props to Ms. B-Girl DeeDee for holdin' her fingers down on the table top dance floor!

...And ya don't stop!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Slanted Screen: An Afterthought

I sent one of my friends Alpha-Asian's blog reposting of The Slanted Screen.  He replied with an interesting afterthought I'd like to share with my readers.
Thanks for sharing. 
I heard about this documentary a few years ago, but never got around to watching it. I think in some ways the progression of Asian-Americans in Hollywood was, and is, inevitable. AA's typically come from cultures that have stood the test of time. The values of these cultures - work ethic, frugality, patience, etc. - are still relevant and effective today. 
Of course, these values are only part of living a truly fulfilling life in America. The values of American culture that are typically missing from AA's are the ones that we aim to cultivate in the game--rebelliousness, bravado, sexuality, dominance, etc. It's already apparent to me that AA's are generally much more attractive now than 20 years ago. The prominence of AA's will continue to evolve; and I think this is a direct result of the work of our parents and grandparents. You need a foundation of survival before you can run off and game. I believe there will be a time when AA men will pull any type of woman just as easily (more passive game; less active game). Unfortunately for us, we're not there yet, so we've got to fight the current. 
Interestingly though, as with so many things in life, these perceptions shift dramatically from place to place. An asian girl I met yesterday pointed out that she didn't think I would be into her, because all the asian guys she knows only date white girls. Even my ex once commented she was surprised I was into her, because she just assumed (by my attitude and demeanor) that I only dated white girls.  And this is not the first time I've heard this.   
Science-fiction writer William Gibson once said, "The future is already here--it's just not evenly distributed." 


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Gaming - Track 1: PRESS PLAY

"Enough about you dude. How about some stories from fellow comrades of yours?"

Glad you asked.  I've decided to post this story from one of my buddies who has learned the tricks of the trade. Though the story ends with him finishing at the 1 yard line as opposed to a touchdown. Nevertheless, it is still a fantastic story.

Others can suggest limitations for us. But only we can impose them ...

Two thousand something. Me to my then-girlfriend, Asian: "I promise myself, before I die I will bury my face between a white girl's legs."

Present day. I have buried my face between a white girl's legs.

And long legs they are -- she's 5-9 in bare feet, a former model who used to get paid to tan.

We met a couple hours earlier at a party thrown by a mutual acquaintance. She made an immediate impression when she entered -- tall, outgoing, with strong bone structure and a stylish haircut.

In the first few minutes after she arrived, she managed to reveal to the room that she spoke French and had modeled in Europe for a long time.

At some point later in the evening, I suddenly found her at my shoulder. She was beaming. And indirectly asking about my relationship status: "So you've got a girlfriend -- she couldn't make it?", or something else transparent like that.

I recognized the indication of interest for what it was and kept my cool. Not only did I answer in a non-needy way, I was brutally honest -- our relationship had gone through the wringer, my heart was broken and so on. But I made clear that the split was definite, that I wasn't pining over her.

She gave me a similar story of her own. We proceeded to banter for 10 or 15 minutes about nothing consequential. Truth be told, I wasn't keeping track of conversation threads. I was gauging her interest by disqualifying myself ("What do you do?" "I'm unemployed."), putting on mini-vacuums, eye coding elsewhere in the room and varying the openness of my body language. She double- and triple-checked on the subject of whether I had a girlfriend, probably to test my congruence.

I concluded that I wasn't being nearly as interesting as her behavior made me seem. All systems go.

We'd exchange numbers, at the very least. Or that's what I figured until I suddenly saw her in the foyer, bundled up and ready to leave. She hadn't said goodbye to me, hadn't even looked in my direction.

Maybe her buying temperature had dropped. Maybe she got cold feet. Or maybe the social pressure was too high.

Only one way to know for sure.

I gave her a 10-second head start out the door, then said my own goodbyes, bundled up and left.

I was expecting to catch up with her outside. But I made it down only one flight of steps before I heard her voice, a floor below me. She had stopped on the landing.

"Are you following me?" she asked, coyly.

"No," I said when I reached her. "Are you waiting for me?"

She laughed and turned to continue down the steps.

And she reached back for my hand.

Game on.

As soon as we got outside, she put her arm in mine. She announced that she was drunk and that she didn't know where we were going (translation: "Take advantage of me!"), and I said the same, along with, "Are you kidnapping me?" Role reversal.

I noticed through all this that she was walking with purpose. And so was I.

She questioned me again about following her, and I teased her for waiting. After a couple rounds of this, she made her intentions known:

"I think you're really attractive."

That was all I needed to hear. I stopped her in her tracks, pulled her close and kissed her, tongue and all. No pullback.

Just as quickly, I pushed her away and killed the momentum by introducing everyday topics -- biographical info and the weather, for instance. I dropped in "Where do you live"? -- that oldie-but-goodie. We continued walking, and I stopped her intermittently to kiss her again.

"Let's have one more drink," she said. She needed a little more coaxing, apparently.

We passed a couple blocks without seeing a bar. Then her request changed:

"Take me to the subway. I'm going home."

Buzz-kill. I decided that if we did find a station nearby, I would send her off by herself. I wasn't up for pumping her buying temperature under the glare of fluorescent lights, with a Greek chorus of bums watching. (It was past midnight.)

But another couple blocks went by, and no subway station. She admitted that she didn't know where we were.

I took that as my cue to hail a cab. When we got inside, I kept my mouth shut. We hadn't said where we were going, so whatever directions she gave to the cabbie would be the final sexual IOI I was looking for.

To her place, she said.

The making-out resumed. Mind you, I hadn't even broached the topics of sex or going to her place at this point. But that's not my style. Some guys are dominant and highly sexual; I happen to be safe and comforting.

I have no problem with building sexual tension. But I save the explicit talk until the threshold of no return.

Sun Tzu:
The rush of water, to the point of tossing rocks about. This is shih.
The strike of a hawk, at the killing snap. This is the node.
Therefore, one skilled at battle --
His shih is steep.
His node is short.
She let loose with assorted Anti-Slut Defense phrases as the cab drove: "This is crazy!" "I just met you!" "I don't even know you!"

I said in return, "I didn't know you existed before tonight." My meaning: I'm no better off than you in this situation, and I'm not responsible for assuaging your anxiety.

The ride wore on. She went to telling me how sexy she thought I was, how much she liked my hair (amid grabbing handfuls of it).

Then she said what had to be one of the most beautiful phrases I've ever heard from a woman:

"I have an Asian fetish."

And a little later:

"I'm taking you home with me."

At her place, she was quick to get me on the couch and start stripping the both of us, with the lights full on. This woman knew what she wanted and wasn't shy about it.

After our first, unsuccessful attempt at sex, we agreed to try again in the morning. But suddenly there she was, sitting on the couch dressed in her nightie, staring past me and speaking solemnly.

"You're going to leave now. We're not going to have sex in the morning. It'll be some other morning. I would prefer that."

I may have responded verbally to this. I don't remember.

What I do remember is picking her up, to peals of laughter, and cavemanning her into the bedroom.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


My friends and I started picking up again. Yes, what some of you shun and call a scam I call fun!

It's a skill that I believe has been neglected by too many Asian-American men, because they're too busy becoming academically inclined instead of being socially inclined. That's not to say one shouldn't focus on college and their career path, but I believe that in order for Asian-American men to advance in a white and black American society they should master the Art of Socialization and Seduction. 

I refer to the both of these as an art because it follows the definition of what an artform is. When I think of the word "art" I associate it with the word "skill". There are two definitions of this word. According to Google art is defined as,
1. The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.
2. Works produced by such skill and imagination.
If being able to talk to beautiful and even not so beautiful women were so easy, then why wouldn't everyone be doing it?

Plain and simply put, it's probably one of the most challenging things a man will ever do in his entire life. And in order for something to become a skill, it takes PRACTICE. That is what the Game is about. Being able to attract a woman because you're of a certain ethnic background, height, etc is not Game. It's more luck than anything and doesn't require any skill. Having a non-Asian girl attracted to you because she "likes Asian guys" doesn't require any skill just like a white guy who gets an Asian girl who "only dates White guys". What skill did you develop and perfect to become an Asian? Oh that's right, you didn't because you were born with it. In fact, you spent more time honing your SAT skills back in high school than anything else (Btw, there's nothing wrong with this either...just an example of what I mean by developing a skill. You should be focusing on your studies as a student. Don't misconstrue my point).

When you first start off doing some sort of art, it's very unnatural or robotic. As you continue your journey whether it be involving martial arts (see previous post LOL), dancing or even something stereotypical such as programming, you gradually become fluent in that artform. It is at that inflection point where people begin to characterize you as "a natural" when in fact several years ago you might have been socially inept. There are very few of us out there who are innately social creatures with the ability to socially navigate through a circle of strangers. Its daunting and in some cases terrifying. However, I've become inspired by my close friends who are all on a mission to do something bigger and better for not only themselves individually but also to the Asian-American male community as a whole.

I know for a fact that my fellow Asian brothers and I shocked everyone in the club in SoCal this weekend when people saw two Asian guys Gaming some of the hottest White, Asian, Black and Latinas in the club. And it ain't hard to tell when you see out of the corner of your eye that everyone is looking at you, because you're making out with an attractive caucasian women who is taller than you on the dancefloor!

Time to press restart and Game on.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

My Only Asian Boy

Wow. I find this racist, hilarious, hot, lame and totally from the 80s. I can't help but laugh. The stereotypical Chinese tunes, the reference to Asian as "Orientals" and the "Karate Chop" punchline.

After seeing the east and seeing the west, she wants to find the guy that she likes best. This girl only wants the Asian dick. 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Looking Past Colorlines

Diane Farr posted an article on CNN yesterday regarding interracial dating I thought I'd share with everyone here with this excerpt in particular.
Pronunciation aside, it hadn't occurred to me that Seung and I made a mismatched couple. Mixed-race yes, but I couldn't fathom that my race could make me the "wrong kind of girl" for anyone.
Yes, it was white privilege that blinded me to the fact I might be the bottom of the barrel on someone else's race card.
Who would've thought "white privilege" would become disadvantageous when dealing with Asian parents? I know a lot of Asian moms who would be clamoring to get their hands on that sort of setup, but this is where the tradition and attachment to culture overrides any kind of privilege. Now if Diane were the daughter of Bill Gates maybe that'd be a different story.

Marrying or even dating someone who is culturally distant from you can be an herculean challenge that takes work. A lot of work. Getting a beautiful girl's number, taking her out on a date...heck...even sleeping with her can be a walk in the park compared to going up against Asian filial piety forces. In fact, it doesn't even need to be exclusive to ethnicity. Would it be any less challenging for someone to explain to their parents how they should accept their significant other from the housing projects when they were born and raised in The Hamptons their entire life?

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Man up fellas. It's Game time, not Lame time.

Just read a post from a female reader who visited my blog (and frankly, I'm pretty curious as to who it is so if you happen to be reading this, feel free to shoot me a message).
So the point of my little post here? Asian men, stop complaining and ask us out! You may get shot down, but man up and just do it! We Asian girls want to go out with you! We don't reject you nearly as often as we reject every other race!!! This whole dating game is just a numbers racket. The more girls you ask out the more you'll eventually go out with!! 
There you have it fellas. An attractive Asian-American woman who's got your back. Now it's time for you to execute. And if you can't or don't have the balls to do so, then I highly suggest you seek some professional consulting. Speaking of which, one of my colleagues is attending Asian Playboy's ABC's of Attraction bootcamp this weekend and it happens to be his 2nd time. He's progressed quite a bit since his first bootcamp experience 3 years ago, but now he's taking his Game to the next level. Now mind you, this guy is intelligent, upper middle class, sociable and does quite well with the ladies and even he is willing to go the extra mile to improve his Game. Meanwhile there are a lot of AA guys I see out there who aren't owning up to the fact that they are ultimately responsible for their own misery.

So, if anyone would like to send me a personal success story of a recent pickup encounter, please email it  to me and I will gladly post it on my blog in order to highlight and commend you on your accomplishment.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Asian Fetish or White Fetish. Which is it?

Here's a post I saw on Craigslist in light of the recent debate over interracial dating. I think the person who posted this comment raises a valid yet understated point because the focus has been so one-sided where white men are constantly being harshly accused of having Asian fetishes. But, isn't it the other way around? These guys thinks so.
Being a Caucasian man, I've heard the phrase, "Asian fetish," used a lot these days. It seems that everywhere I look, there are white men with Asian girlfriends and wives. I don't know exactly what the official interracial dating statistics would show, but my guess would be that the Caucasian male coupling with an Asian female is probably the most common interracial relationship in America. I have to admit, that I too am attracted to Asian women, but in my defense, I find women of all races to be attractive, and I have never found myself to be zeroing in only on Asian women.
I have to admit too, that I too am attracted to women of all races. They just need to be physically attractive. As long as there's a physical intrigue, my penis sees no color lines or racial barriers. 
In a recent conversation that I had with an Asian female, in my place of work, this young woman wanted to show me a dating site that she had been looking into. She wanted my opinion on some of the perspective bachelors that she had been reading about. One of the bachelors had a picture of himself posing with what appeared to be an ex-Asian girlfriend. The first thing out her mouth when she saw the picture of the young Caucasian man with an Asian woman, was that this young Caucasian man obviously has an "Asian fetish." She rejected this particular bachelor for what appeared to be a white guy, with an Asian fetish.

In my opinion, my Asian female colleague was jumping to conclusions about the bachelor pictured with an Asian girlfriend. An Asian fetish, in my book, would constitute a Caucasian man that only dated Asian women. The conclusion of an Asian fetish cannot be drawn from just one photo, in a man's dating profile. Asian fetish aside, if a person is going to create a profile on a dating site, posting pictures of yourself with an ex-girlfriend, or an ex-boyfriend, is not a good idea.

My Asian colleague continued to show me pictures and profiles of other perspective bachelors on the dating site, and one fact really began to stand out to me. Every perspective profile that she had chosen was that of a Caucasian male. It became very evident that my young Asian female co-worker definitely has a Caucasian male fetish. As the saying goes, my Asian co-worker is the pot calling the kettle black. 
Another white guy agrees with the previous poster by adding his own personal experience to the mix.
I agree that many of the Asian female-white male pairings are a result of the asian females having a white male 'fetish', not the opposite. My ex-girlfriend (asian-american) only dated white dudes. Many, like her, claim that they are open to all dating all races, but their standards for other races are so high, while the standards for whites are so low, that de facto, only the white dudes stand a chance. Just look around at many of the pairings you see. It's clearly the white guys who are on the winning side of these pairings. Therefore, how can you blame the white guys for seeking out asian women. If you can easily get an asian woman who should be out of your league vs. having to bust your ass to score with a less attractive female of another race, most guys will take the easy path. It's in our nature. 
Case in point. What guy, regardless of race or nationality, wouldn't want to take the least path of resistance in the dating game? Can't hate on that. He continues...
And, I don't think that Asian American women are much different from other American women. They are not meek or subservient, just ask their husbands/boyfriends. White women are just bitter that they are being passed up and are lashing out in jealousy. All women subconsciously seek men of status and white men clearly have the highest status in the US, although in certain US subcultures that may not be the case (a whole other discussion). Asians are just more attune to the race/status correlation since being a minority makes you more conscioulsy aware of it and theirs is more of a white-washed culture. I don't see white women being that open to dating non-whites either. Again, they are 'open' to it but the standards are different depending on the race, e.g. a asian dude better be exceptional to have a shot. 
Recall Freakonomics if you forgot. Men of Asian ethnicity must make 250K more on average for a white woman to consider dating them, which means what? Yes, Asian-American men do need to be exceptional. YES, exceptional and I'm trying to take a positive spin on this. Just like how AA men were taught by their first generation parents on how to be in school, AA men need to be exceptional in the dating Game as well. That means get your shit together. Get some money, get some style and execute in the field. Being exceptional should not be exclusive to education and career development but akin to all other facets of life. There's nothing wrong with striving for excellence.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Just checking in...

I thought I'd check in to see how my blog is doing since I've walked away from it for awhile.  Perhaps, I'm not the only one who's been busy doing things outside of blogging Asian-American issues but it seems to be a trend. Frankly, I'm quite glad to see this happening as well. That means many of us are moving past these topics and progressing on to bigger and better things like pursuing our careers goals or accomplishing personal projects. Yes, the things that create value for us besides bickering about political and social issues entailing the Asian-American population.

There still has been a lot of back-and-forth arguing about interracial relationships based on a blog I published a while back. I never expected so many readers to come across such an old post of mine to battle it out, but I guess its still an ongoing debate. Some speak of how the posters here are against miscegenation and bigoted. I completely disagree. 

Look, I'm not against interracial relationships and I doubt anyone in this day in age staunchly rejects the notion of two people from different racial backgrounds getting involved with one another. Not to be flippant, that was never the argument. The argument stems from the imbalance of AMs in entertainment and the dating scene. That's it. 

What's surprising for me is that I'm no longer bothered by this issue, simply because I am confident enough to date beautiful women of any ethnicity. I'm spending less time blogging about it and actually doing it instead which is much more fulfilling. And as much as I love my Asian-American sistas, she doesn't even have to be. All she has to be is a beautiful person who is R-E-A-L. 

What do I mean by R-E-A-L? I mean, if you're superficial who places high value on exterior appearances and has an affinity for expensive paraphernalia, then don't pretend like you don't.  There's no point to claim not to be "like one of those girls" because your personality will reveal itself in the end regardless of how hard you try to conceal it. I, along with many others, will have much more respect for you as a person if you expose the truth than to characterize your personality as being that of a tree-hugger when you're obviously not. 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Asian Male Picking Up in REAL time

I came across this clip on YouTube today which I wanted to share with all of my Asian brethren.  I'm not really into the Game anymore but I still like to play once in a while.

Let this be a testament that you are not helpless with the ladies.  It's a Game.  You have to practice and hustle if you want to breakthrough the limiting self-belief that you can't date a hot chick.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Response to UCLA White Girl On Asian Rant

There's been an onslaught of critical responses toward Alexandra Wallace's racist diatribe toward Asian students at UCLA. My cohort is the one who actually informed me of her YouTube video bashing Asians and how the rant went viral. When I heard first the news I became a bit angry since I thought it was going to be extremely condescending and blatantly racist. Before making any rash judgments though I had to watch it for myself, and after viewing the Wallace's clip I must say that her statements aren't completely wrong.

Could she have softened up the tone? Yes. Could she have omitted the mocking of Asians with her, "Ching Chong Ting Tong" comment? Abso-fucking-lutely. In fact, that line is what pissed me off more than anything, because I grew up having to listen to that and thought people in the 21st century would have changed the way they hear Asian languages due to globalization, the Internet, tolerance and understanding. Well it looks I was wrong.

Now I have to concur that Asians are spoiled a little too much by mom and dad. Does that make it a bad thing? Yes and no. I'm not going to get into that debate now but it is true. Secondly, I have also experienced Asians talking on their cell phones in the library which is also annoying as hell because its a LIBRARY, not a coffee shop! Let's not forget it's not just Asians who talk on their cell phones in the library though. I've seen plenty of other people of different ethnic backgrounds yapping away on their phones which could simply be a function of the Asian population majority at UCLA who coincidentally are answering and making calls in the library.

My point is, I am not angry at Alexandra. Additionally, I'm hoping she's not a bigot and want to give her the benefit of the doubt that she was simply stressed out from cramming for finals and needed to vent. The best response I've seen to her video post is the one below.

After watching her response it put a lot of things into perspective for me. Here I am complaining about a bunch of useless crap going on in my life, meanwhile the people of Japan are in shambles after a devastating 8.9 earthquake + tsunami utterly destroyed a community of people and is on the verge of nuclear meltdown. I want to say thanks to sunah17. I commend your response in taking an unfortunate racialized situation and turning it into something positive for all of us to watch.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Don't Fall For It: Women With Many Guy Friends

Yes, I know you readers out there have heard of this before.  The old, "I have lots of guy friends" remark that you hear a certain woman make.  So what the hell does all of this mean? Simply put, these women are THE WORST. They are the scum of all scum: high maintenance, competitive and downright egotistical maniacs and like vampires, they will suck your blood dry.

Where and how did I come to such a bold conclusion? History. Not just my personal experiences because that would be very myopic. I have seen this occurrence time and time again among my homies and other friends. But let's just start with my personal experience first and I'm sure some of you fellas out there can relate.

So I recently met a beautiful girl (not a dime but silver dollar at that) who I've become friends with...sorta. The first criticism I remember her making was about how she wasn't like the girls from LA in that she wasn't "high maintenance". Now the funny thing is, I should have known better and saw that as a red flag since 1) Not all women from CA or even LA are high maintenance. In fact, I think LA has some of the coolest most down to earth girls out there in the US and 2) statements like that are usually hypocritically contradictory. Sad thing is, I actually believed her for a second. Maybe she's not high maintenance, I thought to myself. Nothing could have been further from the truth. Goddamn.

When we started hanging out her phone was constantly blowing up. I'm talking text after text, call after call, email after email and naturally so. Remember she's a silver dollar, but it doesn't stop there. When we'd go out to happy hours, she somehow knew 19 out of the 20 guys from the group and was still getting hit on by new ones left and right. All I could do was sit back and watch it unfold until it dawned on me. This girl is a hundred times more high maintenance than the LA girls that she's so critical of. She's so high maintenance that she constantly needs attention, be placed on a pedestal and have her ego jerked-off from the hands of men until she emotionally climaxes.

Don't try to play the Game with her either. If you ignore her, trust me, she has a 100 more guys who are waiting in line to give her attention. In her mind, you're just another guy who "wants me" and she'll incessantly exploit you for the sucker that you are. She'll pretend to be all sweet and girly in front of your face, but behind your back she's talking shit, calling you an asshole, laughing at your sorry attempt in trying to Game 'her and when you finally cave in and call...guess who's bringing her dinner? If it ain't you, its some other douchebag.

Usually women who have tons of guy friends will also invariably claim that they're "not like other women". For some reason, they just can't get along with other women and that women have "never liked me". Bullshit. Don't buy into this one either fellas. You know wanna know why? Every woman with tons of guy friends says the exact same shit. I kid you not. THE EXACT SAME SHIT. So how does that make her so unique from other women now? Oh right... it doesn't!

The women who are actually different are the ones who are good-looking, stay low key and have more female friends than guy friends. They don't need a barrage of men hawking at them or tending their every beck-n-call in order to make them feel worthy, because they haven't become cynical creatures fueled by their own arrogance and selfish-motivations. And as a female being friends with another one requires something that good-looking women have rarely had to do in their lifetime which is to put in the work to build a relationship. It takes a lot of effort to establish a relationship and build trust with a female especially when you've been jocked your entire life. Look what men have to endure just to get a date with a woman. You think women want to deal with the same challenges?

Saturday, January 29, 2011

My response to a piece on Race & Attraction

Hey Masir

No idea if you are involved in the PUA community but would like to hear your comments on this article written by PUA "Roosh" on his popular website, this guy written a few books like 'Bang' if you've heard of that one.

Anyways he talks in this article about the 'totem pole of racial attractiveness' in he writes which goes like this for men:

"Let’s start with the ranking for men, from most desirable to least desirable. If you placed a handsome representative from each category in a lineup and let the world’s women pick their favorite, here’s who would get the most votes:

  1. European men with darker, sultry features from countries like Spain, Italy, Portugal, and France
  2. Northern European men with light features from countries like Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Netherlands, and Norway
  3. Western men with medium features from countries like England, United States, Australia, Canada, and Ireland
  4. Middle Eastern men with darker but slightly rougher features from countries like Turkey, Greece, Morocco, Iran, and Algeria
  5. Latino men from countries like Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and ones in Central America
  6. Arab men from countries like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan
  7. African men
  8. Southeast Asian men from countries like Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia
  9. Indian men
  10. Asian men from countries like Korea, China, Taiwan

and for women

How about if we did the list for women? It’d be similar to the mens list but with a couple changes:
  1. Northern European women (+1 movement)
  2. European women (-1)
  3. Western women (no change)
  4. Latina women (+1)
  5. Middle Eastern women (-1)
  6. Southeast Asian women (+2)
  7. Asian women (+3)
  8. Arab women (-2)
  9. Indian women (no change)
  10. African women (-3)

Mentions Asians here:

"why are Asian women viewed more favorably than their male counterparts? It’s because they are seen as submissive and compliant, qualities that make for a good partner. Plus Asian genetic features are more pleasing on the feminine form. And how about African-American women—do they see a boost like with African-American men? I don’t see that. Media portrayals have not been kind to them—they are shown to be combative and promiscuous. There are some exceptions to their perception (Ethiopian women fare rather well in being desired by men), but unless the African girl has a shade like Halle Berry or Tyra Banks, she will have trouble competing with other women higher on the list."

Anyway that was pretty brief compared to the whole article

Am very interested to hear your viewpoint on this

This email landed in my inbox not too long ago. I was hesitant on writing up a piece on it, but I decided to do it just to reiterate that this topic is seriously getting old. In fact, I'm probably doing a disservice to the Asian-American community by revisiting it so I will apologize in advance. The funny thing is, I'm not even annoyed by it as much as I am amazed at how people out there are relentlessly in pursuit of marginalizing entire ethnic groups whether it be Asians, Blacks, Mexicans, etc. 

Let me make one thing clear. Asian-American men are not at a disadvantage in the dating game, period. There was a point in time where I had this twisted view of the world where I believe that they did. Truth is, its all relative. If you think you're at a disadvantage, well guess what? You will reflect that kind of mindset and persona in your demeanor which will make you look very insecure which is an invariable formula for failure. I've undergone an enormous transformation within the last 6 months and looking back at my previous blogs and commentary on other sites its actually quite embarrassing to say the least. 

Just to prove my point, I was in Virginia not too long ago and saw tons of hot AFs with AMs. Let me put that shit in bold...HOT ASIAN WOMEN with ASIAN MEN. Some of the guys these women were with were good-lookin' dudes, but I also saw others who were with women I believed to be out of their league. So what could it be? Well, it could have meant several things. 1) The guy has serious G-A-M-E and a kick-ass personality. 2) The guy has serious money. 3) It was completely serendipitous. Whatever the reason, it didn't really matter because they were with their Asian Queens and other guys were jockin' with jealousy. All in all, it made me proud and it also reinforced the notion that I must continue to take responsibility for my own unhappiness in the dating world (not that I'm saying I'm unhappy because I'm the happiest and most confident I've ever been to be absolutely sincere).

Oh yeah and last time I checked, Korean guys in substantial numbers, are sought after in many parts of the world.  

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Asian-American guy and his threesome in Greece.

Before I tell you this story, let me say that this is not my story by any means. Yes, I enjoy playing the field and flirting with women but I'm not quite as adventurous. Anyway, here it goes.

One of my good Cambodian-Chinese friends just came back from Greece and he had one hell of an experience. He had a threesome with a very beautiful woman and her husband. Whatever happened to the one penis per fantasy rule? Well he has no qualms about sharing a woman with another man, literally. The woman was so beautiful it didn't even matter to him. 

You're also probably wondering how in the hell did he manage to pull that off? I had the same question. Apparently, because there aren't that many Asians in Eastern Europe, Asian men are viewed as being very exotic. I've heard this to be true in South America as well but I'm not 100% sure since I've never been to either of these places. I can only speak on behalf of my friends' experiences. I guess there's only one way I can really find out!

So when her husband approached and asked my friend, we'll call him "Jego", if he wanted to sleep with this beautiful woman who ended up being his wife, he nonchalantly agreed. Personally, I wouldn't have taken such a proposal all that seriously, but according to Jego he felt reassured that he wasn't going to get jacked. *shrugs*

Props to Jego though for pulling that one off because I know for sure as hell I couldn't do something like that unless I was completely inebriated. Wait, he did say he had 8 shots of whiskey...

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Years Resolution: No More Facebook

Traditionally, most New Years Resolutions require painstaking efforts for me to maintain simply because I'm trying to kick a dirty habit or conversely start a good one which I don't feel like doing, but this year is different. This year I've declared a New Years Resolution which I'm confident I'll actually be able to adhere to.

My New Years Resolution is to stop using Facebook.

It's not indefinite since there are some friends I'm connected with who use it as their primary means of communication. If I absolutely must contact them then I'll have no choice but to login, but until that day comes I'm done with Facebook. D-O-N-E. I've wasted countless hours doing nothing on that site probably amounting to several weeks worth if not more. While Facebook can be characterized as a social networking tool, I find it to be more of a menacing time vortex where I'm constantly logging in, checking profiles and commenting on aimless blurbs. The worst part about it is when my so-called "friends" socialize with me in this virtual space like we're best buddies yet are inexplicably unable to meet with me in person for even thirty minutes after not seeing each other for over a year. Wow. Seriously? 

Look, I know everyone has busy schedules and tons of priorities. I have mine too. But what really started irritating me is how Facebook has become a social crutch for a lot of people out there where they no longer want to interact with people the good old-fashioned way in person. No, they'd rather Facebook someone and apparently it's sufficient.

That's not to say social networking is entirely meretricious. Services such as Meetup, LinkedIn and Apple's Ping have some real intrinsic value through their services, but when the NY Times reports Goldman Sachs valuing Facebook at $50 Billion I can't help but to cry out bullshit.