Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Favorite Sketch Comedy Of All Time

This might be a bit old, but I still think it is underrated and without question a riot.

Randall Park's Dr. Miracles is my favorite sketch comedy of all time. His work captures what I believe is missing from a lot of comedy today - the silly, fun factor and of course, Asian Americans. The 4 part series is packed with perfectly timed uproarious jokes and unforgettable lines all spawning from the perverted theme of being gifted with life-saving oral sex. If you haven't seen it yet, you'll be in for laughs galore.

Randall deserves more credit and notoriety for his comical genius.

Thanks Randall!  Keep up representin'.

Dr. Miracles - Episode 2
Dr. Miracles - Episode 3
Dr. Miracles - Episode 4

Sunday, February 21, 2010

These Girls Have A Point

Last year I ran across this video before I started blogging and decided to revisit it to share it with you all.  The Asian-American girls in this clip have a point (they're also pretty hot ^_^). Obviously they're half-joking, but I can't entirely dismiss their impression of how Asian-American guys act when it comes to picking up women. As for the accuracy of the other ethnic males, I have no comment but I suspect it's warranted based on their personal accounts. What I can say is that this is all too common among many AA men. I've been guilty of this myself occasionally. Yes, its terrible.

After watching the video I asked one of my female friend's what she thought about it.  Sad to say, her sentiments were contiguous with the video's message about Asian guys,
It's pretty true...I mean its a tad exaggerated, but it falls along those lines.  Asian guys are too shy.  If you're lucky sometimes they'll come up to you.  That's why an asian guy who is not shy...he can get a lot of asian ladies b/c they like the confidence =P.  Nice little trick huh?
A woman's beauty can be intoxicating. You stand there not knowing what the fuck to say to her even though you want to because you're mentally deifying her to the point of self-intimidation. This is what bites AA men in the ass. This self-limiting belief that she will reject us because we may not be rich enough, good looking enough, tall enough, or whatever simply because she is physically attractive should not deter you from talking to her.

Rejection is not the end of the world.  You will still live to see tomorrow.  The Earth still turns, the sun will still shine and the stars will continue twinkling.  What has helped me is to think of it like looking for a job.  Instead of blasting a resume, you blast your personality out there just as you would when job hunting you might,
  • Stretch the truth a bit, promote your best qualities, and show how you're going to add value by partnering with them.
  • Demonstrate how you're different from the (other male) competition.
  • Have stellar references i.e. your wingmen.
If you do a good job of gaining their trust and keeping them interested, many women will actually forgo their typical requirements of having you to be a certain height or ethnicity. You might even get that 2rd or 3rd interview and finally the job!

I believe the key takeaway from the clip is this. You have to at least be willing to open your mouth and make an effort which requires stepping out of your comfort zone and start getting comfortable with rejection.  Even if a girl rejects you or you fear looking stupid, it shouldn't matter because 9 times out of 10 you will never see those people ever again.

As Asian Playboy once said, "She's not rejecting YOU.  She's just rejecting your SKILL SET" just like any employer would.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Time Magazine's way of celebrating Valentine's Day

When I see articles such as this one from Time magazine, I'm not sure what the hell they're trying to accomplish.
This Valentine's Day, more of us than ever will be looking for love online. And if recent studies are any guide, relatively few women on mainstream dating sites will bother to respond to overtures from men of Asian descent. Likewise, black women will be disproportionately snubbed by men of all races. Yes, even though America has been flirting intensely with a postracial label for some time, color blindness is not upheld as an ideal in the realm of online romance.
Yes, its no surprise many women on mainstream dating sites won't bother responding to Asian-American men and black women. 2nd-rate journalists such as this one think they're being the "good guy" by exposing this imbalance in the world of online dating. My question for them is, "What's your fucking point?"

Newsflash ignoramuses.  This ain't news and its not exclusive to online dating either.

I have a better idea for mainstream media reporters and journalists. Instead of publishing meretricious articles of the already well-known interracial dating disparities, how about uncovering the plausible root causes of this imbalance?  If you need help, I can even point you in the right direction. Start your investigation by examining your own industry and how it perpetually desexualizes Asian-American men while incessantly promoting WM/AF couples.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Don't date him! He's a creep with an Asian fetish. Women are fighting back.

Too fuckin' funny.

I found the post below on The premise of the site is to expose the latent sinister side of men which may not be so obvious to women upon their first encounter with these so-called creeps, liars and manipulators and women are fighting back. Take this example below.  This fellow has an Asian fetish, but that's not what the women that he's dated find repulsive.
...fancies himself an actor-model and has a preference for Asian women. On paper, he looks good - calls you, says he does charity work, close to family, cute. However, he is also an immature, narcissistic alcoholic and drug user. He reels you in by pretending he's your basic "nice" guy, "what you see is what you get" according to him. He gains your sympathy by telling you his tale of woe - his ex-wife was a ho who did him wrong and cheated on him. His famous love 'em and leave 'em move is to email or text that he is extremely ill and was almost hospitalized, then ignore you when you try to look in on him. RUN AWAY FAST if you don't want to get hurt. You'll never change him or get him to commit, no matter how tempting his "I'm just looking for the right girl to fall in love with again" speech is. It's all lies. He will take what he wants and disappear. Oh, and one classic loser date move - he "forgot" his wallet and credit cards, he only had money to pay for the parking garage and even then, he had to borrow additional funds from, you guessed it - his date cause he didn't have enough!
Its the fact that he's deceitful and smooches off of women.  I guess being a white male with the tiresome Asian fetish doesn't win him any additional brownie points.  Here's another interesting one,
This *** LOVES Asian women. ..., NYS attorney by day, a 38+ year old moneysucking, liar, cheater, and sex-fiend out there. Do NOT date this guy. He will use you for your money. He will never settle even though he pretends to be kind and caring. He's not. This guy has serious commitment issues.
And the list continues,
...54 years old is a CHEATER. Ironically his favorite show is Cheaters. He came on strong at the beginning pretending to be a man who is single with morals and values but he had a few girlfriends all along while pursuing me and when I was his girlfriend. He is deceitful. He has an Asian fetish. Ask him about the current Asian women in his life - Judy, Jane, Carla, Nicole in Vancouver, Carol in London, Lin in China and the list goes on. Most of these women are illegal aliens that he takes care of financially and legally (green card, work visa etc.) He loves to joke with his male friends that he is in search of NP meaning new pu**y. He is also a member of the Cha Cha club in Torrance a gentleman's club and we all know what that means. He spends thousands of dollars to spend time with their Asian girls that he says he drives home because he doesn't want them riding a bus. He meets women off and other Asian women looking for marraige sites, yet he has never been married. He gets very angry when confronted with the truth so watch out. He is a pathological liar and he shows no remorse. He acted as if we were in a serious relationship while all the time he was cheating on me every chance he got. He has no conscious and he lacks emotion.
Out of curiosity I looked to see if there were any Asian men getting bashed for being fakers and phonies. Sure enough, I found a couple.  For instance, this guy is a professional.  So ladies and gents, make no mistake.  Deceitful individuals such as the alleged come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Commendation Letter

I received an email from a reader not too long ago.  It looks like there are others out there who share my sentiment of learning how to be social and attract women - a common issue among many Asian-American men and one possible solution to address it.
Dear Masir Jones,
I agree with your assessment that learning pickup skills is a step in the right direction for Asian America men, and I'd like to give you props for your candor and sincerity in sharing a brief glimpse into your upbringing (I'm referring to your happily ever after poem, and the three paragraphs that follow it). 
I share a similar experience to you in that certain things that you mentioned (getting into a good college, not going to parties, not trying to meet girls, career comes first, etc.) were also emphasized to the point of being absolute religious law in my parents' household, and any deviation from that was harshly rebuked. For me, this process began when I was an adolescent. In one instance (probably when I was in the 3rd or 4th grade), my mom reprimanded me repeatedly for being too facially expressive, and not being "serious" enough. (How the hell is a 4th grader to be expected to be "serous?!") So, right from the get-go, expressing emotions was already disallowed. That, in turn, made it easier for my parents to emotionally restrict me, and for them to completely reign-in my sexuality in terms of going out and trying to meet girls in order to fulfill their ultimate plan of having me get into a good school, get a good job, and climb the corporate ladder-- all before ever having a shred of social skill or any remote chance of knowing how to get a date with a girl.
So, I just wanted to thank you for taking the time out to write the YAPP blog entry, particularly for one statement in it. It's because of people like you that Asian American men (who might happen to not good with women) have someone to go to as a point of reference for making their own choices in life. The statement I'm referring to is: "From my experience for instance, I've developed and improved much of my social skills by the actual application of PUA theory and its teachings.  Yes, I've gotten laid from it as well..." For many Asian American men (myself included), simply knowing that this is possible is in itself ground breaking. In my case in particular, I was once completely mired in Asian angst to such a deep extent that I did not even believe that I could find a girl in America's dating landscape. When I turned 29, I basically gave up on the U.S. I was actually in the process of looking for a job and an apartment back in Taiwan with the intent of having my network of 13 cousins introduce me to a girl over there so that I could get married and live out my life in Asia. But because of a personal statement from one of my friends (that was similar to the one I quoted from you above), I was able to turn myself around, re-apply myself, and here I am now, back in NYC, with a girlfriend that I love spending time with, and I've been with her for almost 2 years now, and it's wonderful. None of this would have been possible had I not first seen my friend go through a similar experience. When he told me what he had been learning, and the success that he was able to get with girls, I thought to myself, "hey, if my friend can learn how to get better with women, then so can I. He's Asian American just like me!" 
 It's hard to put stuff like that out there, on the internet where everyone can see it. It's like saying, "hey, I NEEDED to be taught how to meet girls." But I believe that ultimately it is personal statements, personal stories, and personal experiences that will motivate Asian American to defeat the stereotypes that permeate life in the U.S. So, props to you for making a step forward to defeat them, and for helping other Asian American men to do the same.
I'll be the first to admit.  I needed to learn not just how to meet girls but to be comfortable in my own Asian skin and this was one of the methods for helping me with just that.