Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tim Kang's Casting Call

For anyone who's looking forward to get in on this, check it out. Tim Kang from The Mentalist (see my last blog) is holding auditions for a film project.

Here is a description of the project.

Tim Kang’s ONE SHOOT FILMS seeking Korean-American actors for “None of Them Will Collect My Soul”
Tim Kang launched his production company One Shoot Films (OSF) with the focus of getting back to the basics of good storytelling, and to produce relevant, engaging and entertaining films that accurately reflect the world we live in today.
OSF’s first project currently in pre-production is “None Of Them Will Collect My Soul”, a dramatic short film that focuses on the topic of human trafficking, addressing real life crimes of abduction and abuse, and encouraging awareness to the issues of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC), an organization Tim is passionate about and has been involved with as the national celebrity spokesman since 2010.
OSF is immediately seeking Korean-American actors for the female lead and several other supporting roles.
Shoot/Start Date: May 4, 5 and 6
Pay Rate: Deferred
Location: Los Angeles area

Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Question to Asian-American Women & Why More Asian-American Guys Should Date Non-Asian Girls

This past weekend I hung out at night with the homies and had some fun in the city. I decided to do something different, and by different I mean my friends and I went to a bar that was filled primarily with white people which was a breadth of fresh air, similar to this clip here from The Mentalist.

There's something about my American side that conflicts with my Asian side; it is this clique-ish, tribal behavior Asians have where ever they go. I'm just as guilty as the next Asian, but it's not like I act like this 24/7. Look, I'm the type of guy who isn't afraid to roll into a club, bar or lounge solo and start chatting it up with random people. How many Asian guys, let alone guys of any ethnicity period, are comfortable enough with themselves to do just that? Very few besides my homie DL, but that's what social gatherings are all about...to have fun with friends and open up to meeting new people and remembering new faces.

So if there's one thing I find really annoying at times, it's how Asian-American girls at Asian parties are always in these cliques of 3-5 chicks and constantly in transition. Fellas, you know what I'm talking about right? You go up to a group of Asian girls to chat up one or two of them, and next thing you know they give you the same old, "Well...we're gonna go now", and then they bounce.