Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Few Reasons Why Men Prefer Asian Women. Part I

The question often arises, "Why do men prefer dating Asian women?"

Whether it's asked out of sheer envy or morbid curiosity, men of all races have their laundry list of reasons. Well today I'm breaking it down for you. In fact, this is a subject area that a friend of mine and I have both explored, experienced and now firmly agree upon. It is what sets Asian women apart from females of other nationalities. Notice how I said "Asian women" as opposed to "Asian-American women". The difference may seem subtle but the "American" aspect has a significant influence on a woman's demeanor. Some positive, some negative. I am here to discuss the latter that can be attributed to American Feminism as the culprit for stripping away the cuteness and femininity that many men find so attractive in Asian women.

So let's start with cuteness first (I'll cover the other reasons in parts two and three of the series). I'm referring to what Koreans call aegyo -- a contemporary expression to describe cute and playful behavior derived from the word aegi meaning "baby" in Korean.

Here's an example of aegyo courtesy of the K-Pop group Kara.

[Update] Some of you may not know Korean. So here's a quick summary of the clip. Han Seung-Yeon from Kara who is wearing the red hat is very good with aegyo in public. Other members of the group struggle with this and attempt to show aegyo on the show. Notice the audience's reaction.

Friday, December 2, 2011

50 Female Phone Numbers. 48 Stale. Still Gaming

Shocking? Hardly.

I've gotten 50 numbers in the past several months after going out 3-4 times a week and I've only been able to meet up with two. These were all cold approaches at bars, lounges, clubs, bookstores, name it. And after all that, I was only able to achieve two 2nd dates after initial contact. That's a 4% success rate of getting a 2nd date and guess how many of those actually translated into something further.


And yet, I'm still pressing onward. I've gotten rejected just about every way possible:
"I have a boyfriend" 
"I usually don't give out my number to random people" 
"Please delete my number from you phone"
Or better yet, the frequent no response which makes you wonder why she gave you her number in the first place. In fact, I'm surprised I haven't turned into a complete asshole yet considering the amount of work I've been putting into this Game. As someone once told me, "Learning is painful."

Sure I've had my occasional make out sessions with women the same night but that doesn't mean crap if you don't end up going on a 2nd date. Women have no idea what it feels like to be rejected the way men do. It really fucking hurts sometimes. Hell, there's even been times where I've come close to crying. It takes a lot to overcome approach anxiety and once you do, there's still an uphill battle that requires you to withstand a woman's unresponsiveness to your calls, texts, emails, messages or any modes of communication.

One would think that after 48 stale numbers I should face reality that I suck at this Game and just throw in the towel.

Until I'm married, never that.