Thursday, December 3, 2009

Action + Voice = Progress

Over the years I have come to believe in and follow one simple rule which is an equation that defines Progress.
Action + Voice = Progress
My reasons for this are straightforward. The Progress I made during my life not only reflects this equation, but history provides us with many proof points as well. When I look back to the socioeconomic and political advancement of any ethnic group within this century, I've noticed each made Progress, by taking Action AND raising Voice, but emphasized too much on one variable over the other.  The old adage of "actions speak louder than words" provides a much more power-pact punch with a Voice to follow it.

There are two primary examples which come to mind just by comparing and contrasting the Progress made by the African Americans versus Asian Americans.  We all know the Black community is vocal.  If being enslaved, lynched, mobbed, beaten, burned, segregated, typecast and socioeconomically confined isn't a justification to speak out, then nothing is.  Martin Luther King and Malcom X were revolutionaries whose efforts brought forth palpable change in America, because they followed the Progress rule.

What do I mean by this?  If you take a look at the Asian-American community, we are known for our academic excellence, hard work, respect for elders and penchant for math and sciences. Asian parents emphasize the importance of education such as studying hard, getting good grades and attending the best universities to hold prestigious high paying jobs. But what about our Voice?  Although these are all laudable and wonderful things society commends the Asian American community for, we also have had a penchant for remaining silent even if we're getting the shaft. 

My cultural background and parents emphasis on remaining silent plagues me to this day.  It is one of the several reasons why I started blogging. The utilization of the web enables many Asian Americans to able to express themselves freely through blogging where they may have been uncomfortable with doing so in public. I believe it is the first step and the right one in finding our Voice to solve the equation of Progress for the Asian American community. Let us continue marching on and Progressing forward.

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  1. Japanese are taught to be obedient and not speak their mind. Just follow the common good. That's why sites like 2chan are so popular. They can voice their thoughts and emotions anonymously. Lots of trash talking, because in real life they smile and take a lot of shit at work, school, etc. I swear, they're pretty close to communism in some ways.

    I was brought up that way too. I remember in elementary school, all my teachers said I got good grades, but never spoke up.


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