Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tiger Woods Joke

I decided to write my own joke in light of the recent scandal.  I didn't find any good ones that made me chuckle.  Perhaps this one will for you readers out there.

Three guys walk into a hotel. They go up to the clerk behind the counter and ask for three separate rooms. The hotel clerk tells them, "Gentleman you're in luck. We have exactly three rooms left. One room has a bunch of garbage, another room has a bunch of elves and the last room has a bunch of women."  To make the selection as random as possible they end up drawing for rooms out of a hat. The 1st guy picks the trashed room, the 2nd picks the room with the elves and the last guy gets the room with the women.  The next day they return to the lobby and begin to discuss how their night was. Two of them ask the 1st guy, "How was your room last night?" He says, "Oh man, I felt like a bum." They ask why and he says, "There was so much trash in the place it was like a being in a dumpster." They ask the 2nd guy, "How was your room last night?" He says, "Man I felt like Santa Claus." They ask why and he responds, "There were so many elves it was like being in the North Pole!" Then they ask the 3rd guy, "So how was your room last night?"  The guy says, "Man...I felt like Tiger Woods!"  They ask, "Huh...Why Tiger Woods?" He says, "There were so many women it was like being on a golf course. I went in and out of 18 holes!"       

I've already gone through four revisions of it and willing to tweak it a bit more.  Feedback is welcome.


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