Sunday, January 10, 2010

Who Says Asian Guys Aren't Romantic? Not the TSA!

Chinese immigrant, Haisong Jiang, is apparently the culprit of the Newark Airport security breach fiasco. The New York Times reports the Rutgers University graduate student, here on a student visa, was arrested for trespassing by ducking past security when the TSA guard was away from his post.  The security video showed Jiang slipping by security to give his girlfriend a hug and a goodbye kiss like this, 

People close to Jiang say he is just a romantic and loves his girlfriend very much. Who says Asian guys aren't romantic?  Maybe he was watching too many romantic comedies or Asian TV dramas where a guy breaks through security to kiss and say goodbye to his girlfriend one last time before he leaves for war.  You know what they say, "Men have 2 heads but only enough blood to operate one at a time."  This may have been one of those times.  I don't think he knew what the ramifications were by trespassing, but Senator Frank Lautenberg of NJ did not find the incident innocuous. Lautenberg is hoping Jiang will face federal charges considering the trouble the security breach caused for the 1,600 travelers stranded at the airport and the flights unnecessarily delayed.  

Now is it just me or do you also find this quite laughable?  The guy may be getting his doctorate, but he obviously lacks common sense or an understanding of US culture. I think he should be heavily fined at least $1000 for causing the disruption. 

But...what about the TSA's lack of competence in handling the whole situation? Here are some interesting factoids. Even Lautenberg was shocked to find out that, 
  • Only ONE security guard was responsible for terminal exits.   
  • Security cameras used by the TSA weren't working properly so they had to scramble to obtain the footage from Continental Airlines.
  • The Port Authority who plays a critical role in maintaining safety at Newark was not notified of the breach until an hour later after the breakdown.
The guard who left his post should also be reprimanded.  Why was he away from his post and not replaced with another TSA personnel?  In addition, terrorists are not law abiding citizens for those who don't know already.  They will dodge such preventative measures such as security rope. Use some plexiglass with turnstiles or some other kind of lexan barriers.  Anything but the security rope you find at your local bank!!


  1. Yeah, what a joke.

    Fine the guy, but let's not make a federal case out of it and waste any more taxpayers' money.

  2. This guy did no harm, highlighted a major problem with security, and kissed his girlfriend. The TSA will now be more careful about security checkpoints, and that could prevent terrorism.

    This guy made airports safer, so for goodness sake, don't fine him! Give him a freakin' metal!


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