Friday, December 2, 2011

50 Female Phone Numbers. 48 Stale. Still Gaming

Shocking? Hardly.

I've gotten 50 numbers in the past several months after going out 3-4 times a week and I've only been able to meet up with two. These were all cold approaches at bars, lounges, clubs, bookstores, name it. And after all that, I was only able to achieve two 2nd dates after initial contact. That's a 4% success rate of getting a 2nd date and guess how many of those actually translated into something further.


And yet, I'm still pressing onward. I've gotten rejected just about every way possible:
"I have a boyfriend" 
"I usually don't give out my number to random people" 
"Please delete my number from you phone"
Or better yet, the frequent no response which makes you wonder why she gave you her number in the first place. In fact, I'm surprised I haven't turned into a complete asshole yet considering the amount of work I've been putting into this Game. As someone once told me, "Learning is painful."

Sure I've had my occasional make out sessions with women the same night but that doesn't mean crap if you don't end up going on a 2nd date. Women have no idea what it feels like to be rejected the way men do. It really fucking hurts sometimes. Hell, there's even been times where I've come close to crying. It takes a lot to overcome approach anxiety and once you do, there's still an uphill battle that requires you to withstand a woman's unresponsiveness to your calls, texts, emails, messages or any modes of communication.

One would think that after 48 stale numbers I should face reality that I suck at this Game and just throw in the towel.

Until I'm married, never that.


  1. This sounds like something I results were similar. Do not believe what the commercialized PUA scene says.

    Most relationships come from the social circle. Women choose men, not the other way around. Let her lead. Put yourself around single women and wait for their cues. Then move in.

    When I do cold approaches nowadays, and I don't do a lot, I usually just make random friendly conversation. If she continues the conversation she's interested & if not she's not.

  2. "And after all that, I was only able to achieve two 2nd dates after initial contact."

    Are you saying you met these girls twice after the initial contact or 1 time (a first date).

    I ask the specifics as if she's meeting you twice, after you've first met her she is definitely showing interest.

  3. Out of those 50 how many 1st dates?

    I find normally if a girl agrees to a second date she's good to go. However you have to make it clear that your not seeing her as a 'friend' or crap like that.

    Was there just no connection with those second dates or did you make a game error?

    All these factors have to be considered to improve.

  4. (came across this post late, but felt compelled to comment)

    As a woman who recently went on ONE blind date (as something of a 'favour' to a friend).. and then endured zero chemistry over the course of said date.. I was somewhat reluctant to respond to any kind of text exchange thereafter.. BUT I figured: harmless, platonic responses.. shouldn't be so bad right?

    Within four days, he was aggressively inquiring to see me again. And while text messages seemed within boundary, I figured a second date might've been crossing into 'leading him on' territory. It took an entire roundtable of friends to help me (I thought) politely decline and say "Honestly, I'm not sure I'm feeling the same way". Even my male friends said it was best to be direct!

    I'm just saying. it goes both ways. He didn't take rejection very well and continued to text me in the morning about getting off my high horse and that I was overly confident that he liked me at all. It sucks for both ends, but perhaps getting the second date (with someone who didn't want to be there in the first place) is overrated. Props to you for being persistent, I know I personally wouldn't have the courage to pursue a potential partner to that degree.

  5. I think if you just ignore him he'll go away. That's what all the other girls have done to me. Haha.

    As of lately, I've just been able let it go. I won't pursue a girl to date or sleep with no matter how hot she is unless I feel like it's really worth my time now. In other words, she's fun, not super stuck up, hot and down to fuck.


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