Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tim Kang's Casting Call

For anyone who's looking forward to get in on this, check it out. Tim Kang from The Mentalist (see my last blog) is holding auditions for a film project.

Here is a description of the project.

Tim Kang’s ONE SHOOT FILMS seeking Korean-American actors for “None of Them Will Collect My Soul”
Tim Kang launched his production company One Shoot Films (OSF) with the focus of getting back to the basics of good storytelling, and to produce relevant, engaging and entertaining films that accurately reflect the world we live in today.
OSF’s first project currently in pre-production is “None Of Them Will Collect My Soul”, a dramatic short film that focuses on the topic of human trafficking, addressing real life crimes of abduction and abuse, and encouraging awareness to the issues of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC), an organization Tim is passionate about and has been involved with as the national celebrity spokesman since 2010.
OSF is immediately seeking Korean-American actors for the female lead and several other supporting roles.
Shoot/Start Date: May 4, 5 and 6
Pay Rate: Deferred
Location: Los Angeles area


  1. why's it got to be only Koreans everytime? the same thing goes for Michael Kang - are they the Kang brothers?

    how can they in good conscience call it APA film when they only want Koreans?

    1. You obviously didn't read through the casting call carefully. The movie is based on Korean characters. He also lists another casting call that involves other Asian ethnicities.

  2. no, I check the sellout website CAPE somewhat regularly and saw that breakdown before you posted it.

    the only other ethnicity are caucasians.

    again, how can you call it a pan-APA film when everytime they only have Koreans?

    are you related to Philip from yomyomf?

    1. I think MaSir was referring to this:

      Clear Mirror Pictures casting for short film titled ENTRAPMENT

      Clear Mirror Pictures is a Los Angeles based production company that is making a short film titled ‘ENTRAPMENT’ and shooting May 17-20. We’re seeking passionate individuals to be part of the team both in front and behind the camera. Project is SAG short film contracted.

      Log line: In order to unmask a rogue cop out to entrap his friends, destroy his family and annihilate his nation, an ordinary man must take the extraordinary action of self-immolation so that the world knows the truth thus not going against his faith of non-violence.

      Roles to be cast:

      1. Li Peng: Age 45-50, undercover LAPD agent.
      2. Yusuf: Age 23-30 Tibetan
      3. Yasmin: Age 20-25 Tibetan

      If interested, please contact Pema Dhondup at pemadhondup@sbcglobal.net. First round of auditions are Wednesday, April 25 from 11AM to 3PM in Culver City.

    2. MaSir was referring to Tim Kang's breakdown, so how's it about Pema's project?


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