Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Blogger's Genesis

Ahhh yes. F-F-Finally! My first blog composition ever. A Blogger's Genesis.

I hope whatever it is you find here is either intellectually stimulating, inspirational or enlightening to some degree. I will try my best to keep my posts relatively concise and to the point so that you will still be inclined to read through each blog post in its entirety.

The main reason I'm getting into blogging is quite simple. I want to improve my writing skills. You see, a few days ago a cohort of mine recommended that I watch "The Last Lecture" by Professor Randy Pausch who is now deceased sad to say due to pancreatic cancer. If you have a childhood dream you want to achieve or any dream for that matter, I highly suggest you watch this or read his book. Just by watching him for one hour, I could instantly tell he inspired the lives of numerous college students and professionals as well. There are many key takeaways from Pausch but one in particular struck a chord with me so deeply I decided to put it into practice immediately and indefinitely. It is the power of indirect learning which he calls a head fake, "The best way to teach somebody something is to have them think they’re learning something else." In blogging about topics I have a concern with or interest in, ultimately, I hope to improve my style and writing speed.

Let me set the record straight though before I embark on my journey into this new world of blogging. There will be times where I may offend you or somebody else from the web. If you dislike or disagree with whatever blog I've posted, please feel free to comment. I know you will regardless! Constructive criticism is always welcome. I am a firm believer in that debating is healthy and a good thing as long as it is comprised of well thought out and articulated, rational arguments. Otherwise it is merely a claim - A meaningless and empty statement with no impact.

So with that, let the blogging begin!


Free your mind. The rest will your fingers.