Sunday, December 13, 2009

Back in California

I've been MIA recently because of my return to California.  Being away from American food for too long started taking a toll on my tummy.  Who would've thought I'd seriously be craving this stuff?  Mexican food, soul food, IN-N-OUT, fusion cuisines, etc.

It still been a bit of a reverse culture shock since I've landed on US soil.  Several things that I didn't realize while I was living here for almost my entire life,

  • There are a lot of fat Americans.  As soon as I arrived at the airport I couldn't believe how many fat people I've seen since then.  I bet many many women out here would look so much more attractive if they actually maintained a healthy weight along with their complexion.
  • Public infrastructure and transportation is lacking.  I really don't understand why California doesn't have better public transportation services.  The bay area has the BART and Caltrain but that's about it.  What about the rest of California?
  • Diversity.  America really is a diverse country and I like to see people of all shades of color hanging out together having a jolly ol' time.
  • There really is a noticeable imbalance of White male/Asian female couples.  I didn't know it was this bad, but it really is everywhere I go in San Francisco.  However, I'm not as upset as I thought I'd be since every couple I saw appeared like they were meant for each other. In other words, she ain't hot.
  • No alcohol after 1:30am.   This is just pure bullshit.  No explanation needed.
  • America is unsafe relative to other countries.  America can be a dangerous place; not all of the US of course, but its up there when you compare metropolitan areas pound for pound.  My friend's neighbor got stabbed to death by a homeless woman just last month.  Christ!
  • People aren't in such a hurry.  Work, errands, meeting up people, etc.  Let's just chill and take our time.
If I come up with any others I'll add it to the list.


  1. Welcome back to SoCal. You came in just as the rain left. Nice.

    Americans are fat because they have no portion control. I remember when I was in Japan and ordered a large soda at Wendy's. It was so friggen small. And they have no free refills!

  2. I wasn't able to finish a lot of the food I used to be able to. I feel like my stomach shrank significantly while living abroad.


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