Sunday, December 6, 2009

Angry Asian Girl Smashes BF's Game Console

There are lot of folks who get caught up in video games.  Just don't get caught up in it like this guy did.  Otherwise you might be bound for Loserville, a smashed video game console and one angry asian girlfriend!


  1. When I watched this video, I thought to myself:

    "Girl, that's what you get for make shitty as choices in choosing a boyfriend."

  2. Dude! That's what I'm saying. No job? No school? No bills paid? Seriously? And AMs are losing out to guys like him?

    That just shows you what kind of qualities girls like this look for in a guy. Its obviously a reflection of her character!

  3. Same here. I was surprised he even had a girlfriend.

  4. You know what this means? Women love to date losers even though they completely deny it.

    Why am I not surprised...


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