Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dude! Be Vociferous But Not Violent.

You know the interracial dating scene has become tremendously imbalanced when you read something like this
Brooklyn--Eight people were arrested after they allegedly beat and robbed a man for being in a Sunset Park bar with the wrong woman. The 21-year-old victim was inside Cafe Mix Bar on 61st Street with a 20-year-old Asian woman shortly after 4 a.m. Thursday when several men began badgering him for being with someone of that race, sources said. The gang attacked the couple outside, the sources said. Cops broke up the melee and arrested Jack Chan, 26, and seven others, said the sources.
Alright, let me get one thing straight.  By no means am I advocating that we use violent measures to tilt the dating landscape back to a healthier equilibrium.  Its one thing to be a militant minority and vociferously challenge the system, but its another to act with violence against a person simply out of spite of an ethnic mismatch that's not in our favor.

This is not Progress.  Its not Acting to better ourselves and its not Voicing to achieve social awareness. This is downright heinous and unacceptable.  I understand Jackie Chan was jealous, but its not the guy's fault you ended up having to play Mr. Miyagi's role in the new Karate Kid. I'm just kidding.

Seriously though, I completely understand if there's envy and resentment, but unless the guy instigated an alteracation first, there's no legitimate reason to beat and rob him just because he's with an Asian girl.  You don't see an IBM sales rep physically beating up an Oracle one because he lost an account. Let's not forget that Vincent Chin was also assaulted winding up dead because of envy.  I sure as hell don't want that shit happening to me when I'm at a bar with my non-Asian girlfriend.  That's not how we should play the Game and its definitely not my modus operandi of making Progress.

I'd rather spend that time and energy on a PUA workshop, sending a letter to Hollywood executives as to why we need more Asian American men in entertainment or organize a revolution.

Then again, maybe shit's just hit the fan and it was bound to happen after somebody had a terrible flashback while listening to a NaS track??  *shrugs*
"I shall - stay real, stay true, stay holdin figures
Never put a bitch over my niggaz
I shall never, cooperate with the law
Never snake me I always hold you down in war
If they take one of mine, I take one of theirs
I never break the oath to the death I swear."
-Smokin' -- NaS, 2001


  1. "and robbed"?

    Not enough details in the story to determine what really went down. Was the girl perhaps an ex- of one of the guys? Evidently, the 'gang' is literally some kind of 'gang' - not just a group of friends.

    If this group were just a bunch of normal guys, it might indicate some kind of "tipping point." But this somehow seems more "gang" related - an isolated incident. Only a group of thugs would rob from the guy.

  2. Great observation.

    They're definitely not your average Asian male since we rarely go up around beating the shit out of people for dating an Asian woman.

    I wasn't sure if "gang" was being used in the context of guys caught up in the "trife life" or just a group of guys. After giving it another gander since you commented, I too think there's a penchant for thuggery among them.

    Also, the incident occurred in Brooklyn which a bit more of a ghetto part of NYC from what I recall back in '06.


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