Thursday, April 22, 2010

Jaebeom (Jay) Park To Work With Teddy Riley For His U.S. Debut Album

Holy shit!  NEWSFLASH for all of you readers out there.  This is big news because it encompasses so many positive elements.  We have an Asian-American MALE sex symbol and popstar icon who is breaking sound and racial barriers with this announcement.  He has already been gaining momentum by starring in a movie called Hype Nation scheduled to be filmed this year.

Former K-Pop 2PM member Jaebeom Park will be working with one of my favorite producers of all time!  For those of your who are too young to remember or even weren't born at the time, Teddy Riley is the founder of the late 80s-90s New Jack Swing and contemporary R&B sound.


Teddy was also part of a R&B trio called Guy releasing many New Jack Swing and R&B classics such as "Groove Me", "My Fantasy", "Let's Chill", etc.  If you don't know about Teddy from his days with Guy then you definitely will know him as a BLACKStreet member producing hits such as "No Diggity" and exec. producer for Michael Jackson's, Dangerous album.

When it came to R&B producers, I always felt that Teddy Riley never got the kind of recognition and commendation from the mainstream as other artists-producers out there.  Hopefully, his collaboration with Jaebeom will reignite his flame as a producer and catapult both of their careers to a higher level popularity and notoriety.
I have a message for Jay Park.


You are in good hands working with a musical genius like Teddy Riley. Hold it down and keep representin' for your Asian-American brethren. You have a solid fan base worldwide.  I'm 100% confident this project will be a success.

-Masir Jones

P.S.  I'm envious of you being able to work with Ted.


  1. go jay park! it's gonna be a hard road cuz it's so hard to break into the music industry in america...i hope for him to be the first asian american sensation to hit america by storm!!! support all the way!

  2. @ Anonymous,

    Under normal circumstances I'd agree with you, but this guy Jay Park is a force to be reckoned with. He's got the kind of MEGASTAR power potential as Rain and that is why a legendary, musical genius producer such as Teddy Riley would even consider working with him.

    The difference is, Jay is an American-Asian so he speaks English like a native. He can dance, rap, sing and is actually a sex symbol. He has a HUGE loyal cult following of supporters who will make damn sure his album reaches NUMBER ONE on the Billboard Charts.

    If you disagree with me then let me jog your memory for a minute. Remember when TIME Magazine asked who should be voted as the most influential man for 2006-7?

    Here's quote from Stephen Colbert in case you forgot,

    I was leading for months in the polls, then all of a sudden this Rain guy comes out of nowhere and knocks me from the top spot.

    Mainstream America is going to be totally caught off guard. Brace yourself. When his album drops his album sales are going to stun and bewilder all of the major record label executives.

    If you are indeed an Asian-American and you would FINALLY like to see a real, talented AA sex symbol to be in the mainstream, then GO COP HIS ALBUM when it hits the stores!

  3. jay's talent and star quality shouldn't be waisted by ignorant nationalism

    Hope he gets right support from US

  4. Jay is a very talented Asian American who will hit it big here in the US, especially with his new movie HYPE NATION coming out, and since he has just signed with SIDUS HQ and is working with TEDDY RILEY thtis 23 year old will be a hit before you know it. With his looks, move, and voice he will win over the hearts of many girls aged 12-23, just like he has overseas. Look out AMERICA here comes the next big thing JAEBEOM (Jay) PARK =) Jay Fighting!

  5. I agree. There were times when I'd cringe to see an Asian-American on TV in the US because they either sold themselves out or just act like a fool. Jay Park on the other hand seems like a dude who is genuine and actually talented.


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