Saturday, June 18, 2011

Man up fellas. It's Game time, not Lame time.

Just read a post from a female reader who visited my blog (and frankly, I'm pretty curious as to who it is so if you happen to be reading this, feel free to shoot me a message).
So the point of my little post here? Asian men, stop complaining and ask us out! You may get shot down, but man up and just do it! We Asian girls want to go out with you! We don't reject you nearly as often as we reject every other race!!! This whole dating game is just a numbers racket. The more girls you ask out the more you'll eventually go out with!! 
There you have it fellas. An attractive Asian-American woman who's got your back. Now it's time for you to execute. And if you can't or don't have the balls to do so, then I highly suggest you seek some professional consulting. Speaking of which, one of my colleagues is attending Asian Playboy's ABC's of Attraction bootcamp this weekend and it happens to be his 2nd time. He's progressed quite a bit since his first bootcamp experience 3 years ago, but now he's taking his Game to the next level. Now mind you, this guy is intelligent, upper middle class, sociable and does quite well with the ladies and even he is willing to go the extra mile to improve his Game. Meanwhile there are a lot of AA guys I see out there who aren't owning up to the fact that they are ultimately responsible for their own misery.

So, if anyone would like to send me a personal success story of a recent pickup encounter, please email it  to me and I will gladly post it on my blog in order to highlight and commend you on your accomplishment.


  1. Just as Asian women are afraid that they're related by blood to the Asian guy they're with...
    I'm afraid that their sexual shenanigans have left them with an STD that I won't have the heart to explain away the effects of, to the children of any such pairing.
    It's sad, but one should only marry if they plan to have kids, and you along with the person you're with need to have a clean bill of health.

  2. Hey Masir Jones you realize for example I could just make up a pick up success and email it to you right?

    My point is we don't know that this "attractive Asian american girl" is either attractive, Asian or a girl.

    Be careful online.

  3. True, but how can you trust anything you read online then?

    I'll bite the bullet and make the assumption that this girl who posted is attractive, Asian-American and a girl.


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