Thursday, June 16, 2011

Asian Fetish or White Fetish. Which is it?

Here's a post I saw on Craigslist in light of the recent debate over interracial dating. I think the person who posted this comment raises a valid yet understated point because the focus has been so one-sided where white men are constantly being harshly accused of having Asian fetishes. But, isn't it the other way around? These guys thinks so.
Being a Caucasian man, I've heard the phrase, "Asian fetish," used a lot these days. It seems that everywhere I look, there are white men with Asian girlfriends and wives. I don't know exactly what the official interracial dating statistics would show, but my guess would be that the Caucasian male coupling with an Asian female is probably the most common interracial relationship in America. I have to admit, that I too am attracted to Asian women, but in my defense, I find women of all races to be attractive, and I have never found myself to be zeroing in only on Asian women.
I have to admit too, that I too am attracted to women of all races. They just need to be physically attractive. As long as there's a physical intrigue, my penis sees no color lines or racial barriers. 
In a recent conversation that I had with an Asian female, in my place of work, this young woman wanted to show me a dating site that she had been looking into. She wanted my opinion on some of the perspective bachelors that she had been reading about. One of the bachelors had a picture of himself posing with what appeared to be an ex-Asian girlfriend. The first thing out her mouth when she saw the picture of the young Caucasian man with an Asian woman, was that this young Caucasian man obviously has an "Asian fetish." She rejected this particular bachelor for what appeared to be a white guy, with an Asian fetish.

In my opinion, my Asian female colleague was jumping to conclusions about the bachelor pictured with an Asian girlfriend. An Asian fetish, in my book, would constitute a Caucasian man that only dated Asian women. The conclusion of an Asian fetish cannot be drawn from just one photo, in a man's dating profile. Asian fetish aside, if a person is going to create a profile on a dating site, posting pictures of yourself with an ex-girlfriend, or an ex-boyfriend, is not a good idea.

My Asian colleague continued to show me pictures and profiles of other perspective bachelors on the dating site, and one fact really began to stand out to me. Every perspective profile that she had chosen was that of a Caucasian male. It became very evident that my young Asian female co-worker definitely has a Caucasian male fetish. As the saying goes, my Asian co-worker is the pot calling the kettle black. 
Another white guy agrees with the previous poster by adding his own personal experience to the mix.
I agree that many of the Asian female-white male pairings are a result of the asian females having a white male 'fetish', not the opposite. My ex-girlfriend (asian-american) only dated white dudes. Many, like her, claim that they are open to all dating all races, but their standards for other races are so high, while the standards for whites are so low, that de facto, only the white dudes stand a chance. Just look around at many of the pairings you see. It's clearly the white guys who are on the winning side of these pairings. Therefore, how can you blame the white guys for seeking out asian women. If you can easily get an asian woman who should be out of your league vs. having to bust your ass to score with a less attractive female of another race, most guys will take the easy path. It's in our nature. 
Case in point. What guy, regardless of race or nationality, wouldn't want to take the least path of resistance in the dating game? Can't hate on that. He continues...
And, I don't think that Asian American women are much different from other American women. They are not meek or subservient, just ask their husbands/boyfriends. White women are just bitter that they are being passed up and are lashing out in jealousy. All women subconsciously seek men of status and white men clearly have the highest status in the US, although in certain US subcultures that may not be the case (a whole other discussion). Asians are just more attune to the race/status correlation since being a minority makes you more conscioulsy aware of it and theirs is more of a white-washed culture. I don't see white women being that open to dating non-whites either. Again, they are 'open' to it but the standards are different depending on the race, e.g. a asian dude better be exceptional to have a shot. 
Recall Freakonomics if you forgot. Men of Asian ethnicity must make 250K more on average for a white woman to consider dating them, which means what? Yes, Asian-American men do need to be exceptional. YES, exceptional and I'm trying to take a positive spin on this. Just like how AA men were taught by their first generation parents on how to be in school, AA men need to be exceptional in the dating Game as well. That means get your shit together. Get some money, get some style and execute in the field. Being exceptional should not be exclusive to education and career development but akin to all other facets of life. There's nothing wrong with striving for excellence.


  1. This is perhaps the most neglected major point in the AF/WM debate. Of the millions of posts on the topic i don't know why this point is never realised or discovered.

    In my opinion this is just another tactic by Asian females to shift the blame on the issue onto everyone else but themselves, and it is also a very effective AM censorship technique: The "It's not us(Asian females) its them!!(White males)" and "The white guys come to us we don't go to them!!" is an often heard catchphrase by Asian females to wash their hands clean of any responsibility and try make themselves appear innocent, when in fact they are actually the guilty ones who plant the seeds and help the growth so many AF/WM.

    Like I've mentioned before, AF have been extremely successful in developing an AF/WM apparatus that is incredibly efficient in silencing criticism, dissent and opposition from Asian males who dare question or critique the AF/WM status quo. It reminds me of powerful totalitarian dictatorships who oppress their people. If anyone dares question the government, they are labelled treasonous, unpatriotic, criminals to society etc and are arrested. If Asian males question the AF/WM status quo we are labelled 'racist against inter-racial relationships', 'intolerant and closed minded', 'whiny bitter jealous losers', 'old fashioned traditional Asian male chauvinists' etc. The similarities between the two oppressive regimes are remarkably similar.

    Its not hard to find discussions where Asian guys are so afraid of showing any dissent that they just tow the politically correct AF line and brainwash themselves into thinking so many AF/WM is in fact a happy and wonderful thing for AM, and say things like 'There's nothing wrong with so many AF/WM', 'Its really a good thing for Asians' and the most delusional " I support AF/WM cause it means more White women for me!"(Doesn't work like that I'm afraid. White women clearly don't date Asian guys in the same numbers as AF/WM and when the balance is not 1:1, that means there is substantially LESS female parters available for these guys)

    Its pretty fucking sad when Asian women have managed to subordinate Asian men into submissive stooges who are subservient to their oppressive regime like mindless lemmings. Aren't Asian women the ones suppose to be stereotyped as subservient Geishas?

  2. What you have shown in your post is another piece of AF propaganda used to brainwash people on the issue. Again, the similarities with repressive regimes: 'No, the government is never wrong, the great leader is always right and perfect!'; 'No it is never the Asian females fault, is is always the white male or the Asian male, the cute innocent submissive Asian female is never wrong!'

    And what you said about White men going for Asian women because they are the easier path is 100% correct. The whole 'Asian women are more feminine than other women' is one of the greatest myths created by the AF propaganda machine to support the AF/WM regime. Asian women are NOT 'more feminine' than other women, that is absolutely laughable in every way. Any neutral man will tell you that the average Asian woman is unable to match the height, shape, and volume of breast, bottom, hip and leg size and curvature of say White and Latina women. So the 'more feminine' argument falls dead in the water right there. But everyone, especially Asian females still love to believe their own self-made hype.

    And another similarity with totalitarian dictatorships? We already have repression of free speech, censorship and pro AF/WM propaganda. Something else we have in common is BRAINWASHING. The AF/WM propaganda machine has managed to do such an excellent job promoting itself through massive self-appraisal and portraying the the hordes of AF/WM as being a 'natural', 'beautiful' and 'positive' thing for the Asian community because it shows Asians are becoming more 'open minded', 'progressive' and 'assimilated' into Western society, that I see more and more Asian guys actually believing this AF propaganda trash and I even think the majority of AM truly believe so many AF/WM is actually a NORMAL thing. After all, the Nazis managed to convince their population that Fascism was 'normal' too even though they and Italy were the only countries in the world who truly practised its ideology.

    From a biological, social and cultural standpoint the AF/WM phenomenon is NOT a 'normal' thing. We are the ONLY race of people in the world who experiences this and we are in fact an ANOMOLY in the human race. This is NOT NATURAL biologically, socially and culturally. A lot of guys/girls from other ethnicities actually find our situation bizarre and even laugh at us for this issue. They are NOT trying to join us, nor do they wish to copy our horrifically grotesque and mangled corpse version of 'assimilation' into Western society,

  3. "We are the ONLY race of people in the world who experiences this and we are in fact an ANOMOLY in the human race."

    At first glance, I wanted to disagree but thought a bit more on what you said here and decided to expand on it. Its a pretty accurate statement when you benchmark other ethnic couples with Asians here in America. For instance, Black and Latina women appear to be much more supportive of their men as opposed to you know who. And to set the damn record straight, I use "their" in the context of racial similarities not racial ownership for all of you women who try to obfuscate the argument.

    What's even more fascinating about this phenomenon is that these women of other minority groups still standby their men even though they're lower on the socioeconomic totem pole. If it is implicitly understood that women want stability in a man and perhaps move up a class, if not socially then economically, then ultimately I believe it boils down to several key reasons. 1) Asian male social assertiveness (G-A-M-E) see "Paper Tigers" 2) Mainstream entertainment and media which serves as a positively feedback loop for 3) popular culture and trends.

    My final point I want to reiterate here is that Asian-American men need to be more assertive, social and "Gameful". The reason why I focus on point one is for reasons that Asian Playboy does. Its the one thing we have *direct* control over. Points 2 and 3 take a lot more individuals and time to change. Though things ARE changing, its moving at a snails pace.

  4. One more thing to add. I'm not against interracial dating either because when you get past skin color, it really boils down to your skills. You know...hacking skills, nunchaku skills, bow hunting skills. No but seriously. I see tons of AF/WM couples walking around my area. I take notice but it doesn't bother me because I also see a ton of AM/AF and AM/WF couples. It's not like AA men are losing out on beautiful women either.

    And if you are, shame on them for not going up and talking to her!

  5. Was my mom clinically insane to marry a white man or was she just incredibly callous and selfish? Perhaps she planned on having cute Eurasian daughters who could easily mate with white dudes. Well she badly miscalculated. Instead shes stuck with Asian-looking sons. And yet she dissed all Asian males by her actions. She emasculated me at my birth. What a curse to be born out of an Asian woman’s vagina. Being born an Asian man out of an Asian woman’s vagina is a miserable experiance. Its even worse when your a Eurasian man being born out of a Asian woman’s vagina which is used by white men. Just thinking about it drives me to insanity. With all the WM/AFs out there and a 50-50 gender ration, I figure there must be a good few men in my shoes out there. Ok maybe some of them might be more Euro looking than me, my family really got hit hard by the Asian stick. Who knows maybe my dad’s side was raped by the Mongol invaders when we were on top of the world? God is there any worse fate in the universe than being born a Asian-looking Eurasian in the USA to a white dad and asian mom who sleeps with your white dad? gawwwwd! I hate my DNA so much. Talk about Dawkin’s selfish gene! F my genes. I wish them ill. I have no desire to pass on the white male Y-chromosome nor the mitochondria of an Asian woman who enjoys stabbing her own family, her own flesh and blood through the heart from the back. God dad, you should have just picked the biggest ugliest white girl you could find and begged her to marry you. That beats the hottest asian. Speaking for myself personally I’d rather have a 200lb white girl to the hottest asian girl. Or you could have easily married a black or latina girl. Mom should have married an Asian male. And if dad couldn’t manage with a white girl, he should have picked a more masculine race. Ideally latina. He could get a decently pretty wife, and hot masculine sons. Maybe he wouldn’t enjoy a black wife, but he would have gotten the pay off in the alpha status of any male sons from it. IDK maybe you should just abort Eurasian male sons. You can call it “revenge” for the misogynistic patriarchial sex selective abortions of the East.


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