Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Why Men Prefer Asian Women. Part II

I don't need to say much.  The video is self explanatory.  Props to Girls Generation for being the first Korean group to every debut on a major American TV talkshow!


  1. Asian women are the scum and filth of the Human female race. They give all women a bad name. They are nothing but disgusting whores for White men. With 50% of Asian American women co-habitating with White male partners and most of them excluding Asian men from their dating pool i find it impossible as an Asian American Man to defend them.

    White men 'like' them because they offer themselves as easy sex meat, not because they are 'superior' to other race women. Kinda like if Dominos offered their pizzas for $1. Everyone would want to buy some cause its cheap, but their pizza is still total shit.

    I respect prostitutes more than i respect Asian women because at least prostitutes have the dignity to charge money for what they do, whereas Asian women prostitute themselves to white men for free.

    1. With 50% of Asian American women co-habitating with White male partners and most of them excluding Asian men from their dating pool i find it impossible as an Asian American Man to defend them.

      How did you come to that conclusion? Did you pull those stats out of your ass? First off, this isn't even about Asian-American women. This is about Asian women from ASIA.

      To claim that Asian-American women are "disgusting whores for White men" is excessively distasteful and exposes your bitterness from being rejected. Perhaps you haven't even tried approaching one of these so-called whores yourself. Someone obviously is and it ain't you. You're upset and you feel betrayed. I get it, but there's no need to for that kind of language. Step up your Game and take some responsibility for your lack of success with AA women. You are just as much to blame as AA women are in this whole IR disparity mess so try starting with yourself and lead by example instead of just whining. Been there, done that and it accomplishes absolutely nothing.

      Sure there may be a significant number of White men who view them as cheap sex. Big deal. Let them be. Would I sleep with them for an easy lay if it came my way? If I were completely desperate then sure, but I definitely wouldn't want to be in a serious relationship with them anyway. Hoes will be hoes regardless of race.

      It has nothing to do with being an Asian-American female.

  2. blue, it's worse than that in Asia. because of the perceived limited "supply" of loser white (s)expats, the AF in Asia actually pay for their WM in hopes of getting a green card

    1. Actually that's not true. If it were really the case, over half the population in the Asian continent would be half white not full-blooded Asian. You're making a mountain out of a mole hill.

  3. LOL. Another Asian Female apologist. Yeah, its always the Asian guys fault isn't it?

    Though i completely understand why you have taken a complete U-turn with Asian women over the years despite the fact they treat Asian men like shit and put White and Black men on top of our heads. You don't have a choice because other race women are so much more difficult to get, so you have no choice but to force yourself to like Asian women despite the fact they think of you as inferior.

    Its kinda like a 15 year old girl who runs away from home because her parents are drunk drug addicts who abuse her. After a while on the street she realises she can't survive on her own and has no choice but to return home to her abusive parents. This happens all the time in real life.

    Even though Asian American women consistently denigrate, belittle, trash and emasculate Asian men by prefering to date White men and refusing to date ALL Asian men altogether, you can leave them but what the fuck are you gonna do? White and other women are notoriously hard to crack for Asian men, so its not suprising you come grovelling back to them making excuses for them and trying to pretend all the shit they do to us doesn't exist.

    Im completely not suprised because you and other Asian guys all do this. They try and leave Asian women because of their bullshit, but then realise how hard it is to date other women and then have to come crawling back like rats to Asian women to these one sided, shithole relationships, where really, you are a seen as 3rd class men, because they will always see white and black men as superior to you.

    Im just calling a spade a spade, im not sugarcoating the situation to make it look like everythings rosy. No matter how you try and polish an Asian female turd, she is still a turd.

    1. Let's not generalize all Asian-American women. Once again, the topic of the post is on Asian women in Asia. I'm not speaking of AA women, but since you want to go there how's that attitude of yours working out for you?

      I didn't go running back to dating Asian women because I couldn't get a non-Asian one. Over the years I've learned that a lot of the gripes and complaints I've made about Asian women including the ones I made on BigWoWo are futile.

      I ain't no Asian Playboy but I've had my fair share of other ethnicities. And NO, women of other ethnicities are not "so much more difficult to get". Adjust your attitude and start associating yourself with more non-Asians and that'll change very quickly. A few of my closest AA guy friends have several non-Asian girls (white, black, latina) that they sleep with in heavy rotation. One of them has a weekly fuck buddy. But let's assume these girls are that much harder as you claim. I still wouldn't care because I find Asian women the most suitable for me, plain and simple. At the end of the day I'm getting older and lot more closer to my roots, thus I prefer someone who can speak my 2nd language not just English. In fact, my preference is Korean over any other Asian but hey, exceptions exist which they most certainly do.

      So stop looking at the glass empty and start looking at the glass half full. If you want to go date a non-Asian girl then go out and Game. I bet almost all of the AA girls you see with white guys are with them because the GUY took the initiative. I get rejected all the time, sometimes lightly sometimes so brutal that I've wanted to slap a bitch. Has that ever stopped me? Has it made me dish out all of my frustration onto AA women?

      No, that's just a shitty cop out for my failures.

      I'm sorry you feel so bitter but carrying that kind of attitude is destructive and won't help change the situation. AA girls will just ignore you and find themselves a confident guy, a guy doesn't exude anything besides jealousy.

    2. One Blue thats not true at all, its just the desirable and attractive white women are harder for asian guys to get as they have other options.

      The ones that look like unattractive high school librarians are the type that I've seen most guys with.

      Have never seen black and latina with asian guys but assume it must happen.

      Very pale, long faces and noses and not many friends are the white girls most open to asian guys. They will often seek acceptance in asian culture because they are not popular amongst their white peers so they are into k-pop.

      I find they will even hit on me and if i ever go though a long dry period i may take them up on it :)

    3. Good shit Anonymous. Bang those high school librarian look-a-likes! They may get hotter as they age and find their beauty.

  4. From what I have heard from indian and white guys one of the main reasons they like asian girls is for sexual reasons that is they are more willing to give blowjobs and do anal.

    However it could just be confirmation bias the sort of asian girls they go for.

  5. Asian-Canadian girlMarch 4, 2012 at 4:16 AM

    One Blue, I'm sorry you feel that way. I can understand your frustration for feeling the way you do as, as a visibly Asian woman I have sadly heard from the mouths of my asian American sisters some very denigrating, emasculating and hurtful things about Asian men....but there are many of us who do not think that way, who have no desire whatsoever to be a sexual slave for white men, who value Asian men, their maculinity, and their humanity and who feel it is completely, 100% unnacceptable for men and women both Asian and non- Asian to emasculate and dehumanise Asian men with words, by upholding white supremacist stereotypes, by laughing at and accepting said white supremacist stereotypes and portrayals of asian men in the media etc.

    It makes me very sad that I am viewed with suspicion by some Asian American men and not as an ally. Add to that the fact that I have one white parent, my father (who also happens to be extremely racist and who was intent that I "date only white men"...even though my brother was given the permission to date Asian women. Very disturbing ) and I am automatically viewed as someone who must cater to white men and their fancies when that couldn't be further from the truth.I understand there is a whole lot of pain behind why you have formed your opinion, and I don't wish to invalidate your experiences. I guess I just wanted to say that I hope one day you can see that not all of us are like that.

    sorry if my post sounds patronising, writing is defnitely not my forte.

    On another note, yay for girls generation!

  6. See One Blue? There you have it. You have an Asian-Canadian girl who's dad is white and still embraces her Asian side even after her father's failed attempts at indoctrinating her to marry a white guy. Not all Asian women are scummy sluts to white men like you've alleged. It's simply not true.

    You need to stop looking at the glass being half empty and start looking at it half full. It's an overly used phrase but it's still 100% accurate in this instance. If you don't believe me, go take a trip out to any Asian town in the US. Most of the couples you'll see are AF/AM.

  7. Great deduction skills jones!!! I guess one example on the internet which cannot even be verified makes One Blues initial comments meaningless.

    1. Never said it was meaningless.

    2. Asian Canadian girlApril 2, 2012 at 1:49 AM

      Hi anonymous. I understand where One Blue is coming from, and if my post came off as invalidating him, or the experiences of many other Asian men then I really truly apologise because I didn't mean to do so.If you can think of a way for me to verify myself then I would be more than happy to do so.

      I read a lot of anti racist blogs and try my best to avoid people who espouse racist views so I don't tend to associate with anti AM AFs . I do know that the vitriol directed towards Asian men is very pervasive but I do still tend to find that the majority of Asian women I know do find Asian men to be more desirable dating partners than men of other races.I think that the internet has helped many women (and not just Asian american/Canadian women ) to find counters to the Long Duk Dong's . Now we are also exposed to Takeshi Kaneshiro, Oh Ji Ho,Jun Matsumoto and many many other gorgeous Asian men in non degrading roles thanks to being able to discover Asian cinema

      Something about the belief that all asian women chase after white men seems particularily creepy and frightening to me.Not when this belief is held by Asian men, but when non Asian men or women hold this view or when asian women hold this view as if it were fact it creeps me out. Many non asian men and women are shocked and flabbergasted to find out I am most attracted to asian men over men of other races. they act as if I am being noble by feeling this way??!! Combine it with the belief that all Asian men are supposed to be meek and unmasculine makes me feel like these two beliefs were created to divide us against each other and get us to assimilate into the dominant north american culture until we no longer exist.....Maybe I am overly paranoid. But when I dissect the media, pop culture, etc things seem extremely insidious and creepy.

      @MaSir Jones-I'm sorry for commenting anonymously on the "I can't be racist, my wife is asian" topic.I will try to use this screen name from now on to comment.

    3. Thanks for posting. If you have other Asian-Canadian friends who share similar sentiments, I'd love to hear their take on this topic.


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