Friday, June 1, 2012

True Tales of a Pickup

After reading through some of the comments from my last blog furnished by guest blogger DL, I became angry. Yes, angry. And you want to know why? I'll tell you why. Because there are way too many Asian-American guys out there that whine about the interracial dating imbalance over and over again and even after all of the stories that I've heard and shared with my readers, some of them just don't get it.

NON-ASIAN GIRLS DO LIKE YOU! Here's an excerpt DL shared with me.
Here's an excerpt from a white girl's blog I found yesterday too:  "I'd love to walk down the street with my crush and not have the entire block watch us as we go by, or to go watch a movie where the main couple is just like us. 
To be honest I’m severely jealous of WM/AF couples. They’re so accepted. White guys can assume Asian girls like them and visa versa. Asian guys NEVER assume I like them. 
I think its ridiculous that ANYONE should feel like its impossible for an entire race of women not to like them, or several races for that matter but sadly the Asian guys I've asked have told me they assume White girls dont like them, so they stick to Asian girls. I just really hope there are Asian guys who don't buy into this too."
Apparently there are. I've been there. Believe me. I've been in your shoes. Frustrated. Distraught. Hopeless. Overcome with feelings of despair. Guess what? That shit ain't gonna get you laid son! The old adage states that one should look at the glass as half full instead of half empty. Okay, so in the case of Asian-American men, perhaps we should look at the class only a quarter full. The point is, look at the positive. It's easier said than done, but the focus should be on the doing.

Last night, I decided to go out with my main Wing and hit a few bars and talk to some non-Asian girls. As a warm up, we walk into this mini-club and approach an exclusive group of filipino chicks. I didn't get any responsiveness from any of the ladies, but hey not a big deal. Usually I dig filipinas, but these ones were hella ghetto. Not my cup of tea anyway. If there's one thing I cannot stand it's glorified, ghetto Asians.

We move on and go after the real targets. Non-Asians. That was the goal. So the first two non-Asian girls we see, a black and white chick sitting in a booth, we approach and join them. Complete strangers, fairly attractive. Not supermodels, but not ugly ducklings either. He takes the white, I take the black and we attack.

We both work it. My buddy is fighting through 20 minutes of conversation with this girl who is showing ZERO interest. In fact she gives him some dirty looks and frowns, but he is a fucking soldier. His persistance overcomes any of her resistance and by the end of the engagement we both get numbers and dates for next week. Luckily, the black girl I was working on was a lot more receptive to my advances and hotter. I didn't have it too tough. I just did what most frustrated Asian-American guys aren't doing - going up and talking to women. Stereotyped shattered. Mission accomplished.

That wasn't so hard now was it?


  1. I love the awesome attitude in this post! I couldn't agree more.

  2. Hey MaSir, thanks for these posts. Because of yours and James' posts it's helped me a lot with getting past the WM/AF noise.

    I don't like to go clubbing much, but my friends and I hit San Francisco a while back and I remember walking up to this Chinese girl and trying to talk to her, but before she lets me finish anything, she gives me the "I don't date Asian guys" comment and I'm thinking to myself 'Ohh, this is what you guys are always talking about" and in the corner of my eye I see this really cute Mexican girl and we make eye contact and next thing I know we're just smiling at each other, checking each other out, you know? The Asian girl is telling me something else, but I'm not paying attention and interrupted her and said "Well I'm sorry you have daddy issues..." and walk away from her and up to the Mexican girl. The entire time I'm talking to the Mexican chick, I can feel the other girl burning a hole in the back of my head. And you know it? It was *fucking* liberating.

    But here's a thing though, I still hate seeing AF/WM couples. Not because of lack of confidence, but because I hate the idea of people's fetishism of Asian women and because some Amy Tan has daddy issues and is reinforcing the AM stereotypes and spreading more self hate. Is that wrong? Maybe I'm too paranoid.

    N/O DL, but it's also kind of funny to me how your dating preference parallels some Asian girls' since you have some sort of parental issues going on. (Although I have to disagree with Alex about white-worship) And minus the self hate.

    But yeah. When you're out there just trying to have fun, women are beautiful. Why limit yourself to one flavor?

    1. No offence taken. The whole reason I wrote that post was to get it out in the open. I was actually hoping for comments from other Asian Americans talking about whether they encountered that kind of stuff in their own homes and how they've dealt with it as adults. I'm sure a lot of Asian American households were completely different, but almost all of the stereotypical nerdy Asians I've met were brought up under a Chua-style home.

      I get why AFWM couples bug you. Some times when I see them, I wonder if the woman in the relationship got with him because she believes that White men have higher value and looks down on Asian guys. Of course, it might also just be that they had a genuine connection, so I try not to judge

      I'm really glad things worked out the way they did with that cute Mexican girl! Honestly, that's also part of the reason I date non-Asians - it blows away people's expectations. I never cared about it much before, but now that I realize how widespread the "Asian men can't get non-Asian women" belief is, I LOVE the stares I get whenever I'm picking up a girl or out on a date.

    2. DL. That's awesome! I have an Asian guy friend who is the same way. He didn't care about dating a white, like it was no big thing, but after he hear about the interracial dating complaints from other Asian guys, he walks around proudly and says he feels he almost has to serve as a representative for AMWF couples.

  3. This post was a BOSS post. enough said. Good job and I hope the date goes well. *wink wink nudge nudge*.

  4. That's some good stuff here...Keep doing your thing gentlemen. Remember to make sure you get that ass...if she's any good, keep them around after. If the WM/AM couples bother you just counteract it with dating a non Asian girl. A man needs to get his pussy regardless and if Asians don't cough it up then go after other girls. Fight numbers with numbers



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