Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Next Big Asian Comedian: Zhangster

For some of you who already know of the Zhangster, call me a late arrival to the party but I just stumbled upon his clips on YouTube. He's a Chinese American straight out of the Bay Area, San Francisco to be exact. Hands down he's one of the funniest Asian American male comedians I've seen in a while. His jokes are pretty clever and he's really quick with the comebacks.

Zhangster going off on the UCLA Wallace's racist rant against Asians.

Penis jokes.

Handling a heckler.

Comparing him with other Asian American comedians like Eliot Chang, I think Zhangster is a bit more humorous and clever with his jokes. I was a big fan of Chang for a while but recently I haven't seen any of his newer stand up bits and the material doesn't have the same caliber of funny than it did previously.

If you haven't seen him already seriously check out his clips. I kid you not. You'll laugh your ass off. Guaranteed.


  1. Love how you recognize the Asian Americans making their mark in this country.

  2. lol good shit, thanks for posting these vids, too bad im not as clever as him with my words so i use my fists instead lol..

  3. Glad you guys enjoyed it. He has more clips on YouTube. His jokes are racial but done in a very clever way that elicits laughter.

  4. Nigga's da shit rite?


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