Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Is Your Girlfriend Phasing You Out? Eliot Chang Explains

Eliot Chang is part of my original list of Asian men changing the face of American entertainment. Obviously that list has at least doubled in size since and will need to be updated in the future, but Eliot still remains to be one of the major Asian American trailblazers using comedy to entertain, educate and get straight to the point. Take for instance this recent video I found of his on YouTube called, Dating 101: You Are Being Phased Out. For those of you who might not have a clue that you are about to get dumped, Eliot breaks it down for you.

I thought he did an excellent job explaining why certain signs are indicative of relationship abandonment. However, there is one more sign I'd like to add to Eliot's monologue in being able to detect if you're about to get dumped. It might have been an accidental omission on his part, but I also believe that if a girl is "phasing you out" she will begin to pick fights with you over stupid shit. And yes, men are just as guilty of this kind of asshole-like behavior also.

A Fight Is Due To Frustration. You're Holding Them Back.

If the person you're dating starts to increase the number of arguments with you over petty topics, chances are they want out. Sure, they could either be having a horrible day or pissed off about something you did earlier, but arguments that come out of nowhere are the ones you have to be suspicious of. Be "suspicious" not accusatory if you haven't had a heart-to-heart talk about it.

That said, the reason why I find random acts of truculence suspicious is because I feel as though they're a manifestation of underlying bitterness and denying of guilt. Those who are trying to phase you out neither have the courage nor the desire to be the bad guy by breaking it off with you first, despite their strong urges to explore other option(s). And unfortunately, the only way for them to cope with the frustration associated with such sickening feelings is to pick a fight with you. "Move bitch! Get outta the way."

For instance, one of my buddies was dating his ex-girlfriend for almost two years. Just when he thought everything was going smoothly, she picks a fight with him out of the blue. It all started with a random question, guilt at the core, wrapped with annoyance.

"Why don't you ever change your hairstyle?"

I remember when he first told me this story I had the same initial reaction as he did, "WTF?"

She kept harping on it over and over, she slowly began to uncover a bunch of other annoyances until it snowballed into every little thing that he did to piss her off. It was certainly reasonable for him to assume something was off. He continued to press her and ask what the hell was going on for half an hour until she finally caved in admitting the truth. She had cheated on him with another guy from her school. There I was, dumbfounded, unable to understand what would drive a person to start a fight like that instead of just coming clean.

That is of course until I encountered the same situation myself, only this time, I was the asshole. -_-

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