Saturday, April 27, 2013

PROMposals In Style

Its that time of year where the fellas in high school ask out the girlfriends' or the girl of their high school dreams to prom. Sad to say, I actually never went to my high school prom (its a long story), but thanks to YouTube I now can live vicariously through others who had 10x more guts than I did, like these fellas who proposed in STYLE. This takes more than just Pokemon balls to propose in this matter. This takes balls of fury! Check it out.

Check out Terry ask out this chick to prom in front of everyone during lunch time Pokemon style.

This guy sings Bruno Mars, Marry You, with some funny altered lyrics. He should've practiced a little more on the vocals. Nonetheless, a commendable effort!

And my favorite, the Three Asian Musketeers demonstrating moxy with this dance proposal. Shit, I'd even go with 'em if I were a chick.

With that, I wish all the dudes out there the best of luck on their PROMposals!

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