Sunday, April 14, 2013

What's Up With Guys And Their Asian Fetishes?

This was too bad for me to pass up. And when I say "bad" I mean Michael Jackson Bad. You know, how he looked really bad toward the end of his life? Saw this by way of Angry Asian Man's blog and was in a bit of shock. These guys must be competing for the offensive douchbaggery award of the year.

For example, here's one that's doubly offensive to both Asian women and men. Racist much?

Look, I didn't think guys out there who fetishize over Asian women were this audaciously bigoted. I mean sure, I know there are guys out there who love Asian women just because they're Asian but never  could I even remotely conceive this is the kind of stuff they have to go through. Wow!

As my dad once told me, there's two sides with every coin. Being an Asian woman, and a beautiful one at that, its a gift and a curse. Sure, you're bound to receive attention, but also a ton of bad attention. I really don't know what's worse...being predisposed as an asexual beta or this? Not only do you have guys who just want to sleep with you, but now you have a swarm of envious, non-Asian females who despise you because your "Asianness" is stealing male marketshare. Damn.

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