Friday, February 12, 2010

Don't date him! He's a creep with an Asian fetish. Women are fighting back.

Too fuckin' funny.

I found the post below on The premise of the site is to expose the latent sinister side of men which may not be so obvious to women upon their first encounter with these so-called creeps, liars and manipulators and women are fighting back. Take this example below.  This fellow has an Asian fetish, but that's not what the women that he's dated find repulsive.
...fancies himself an actor-model and has a preference for Asian women. On paper, he looks good - calls you, says he does charity work, close to family, cute. However, he is also an immature, narcissistic alcoholic and drug user. He reels you in by pretending he's your basic "nice" guy, "what you see is what you get" according to him. He gains your sympathy by telling you his tale of woe - his ex-wife was a ho who did him wrong and cheated on him. His famous love 'em and leave 'em move is to email or text that he is extremely ill and was almost hospitalized, then ignore you when you try to look in on him. RUN AWAY FAST if you don't want to get hurt. You'll never change him or get him to commit, no matter how tempting his "I'm just looking for the right girl to fall in love with again" speech is. It's all lies. He will take what he wants and disappear. Oh, and one classic loser date move - he "forgot" his wallet and credit cards, he only had money to pay for the parking garage and even then, he had to borrow additional funds from, you guessed it - his date cause he didn't have enough!
Its the fact that he's deceitful and smooches off of women.  I guess being a white male with the tiresome Asian fetish doesn't win him any additional brownie points.  Here's another interesting one,
This *** LOVES Asian women. ..., NYS attorney by day, a 38+ year old moneysucking, liar, cheater, and sex-fiend out there. Do NOT date this guy. He will use you for your money. He will never settle even though he pretends to be kind and caring. He's not. This guy has serious commitment issues.
And the list continues,
...54 years old is a CHEATER. Ironically his favorite show is Cheaters. He came on strong at the beginning pretending to be a man who is single with morals and values but he had a few girlfriends all along while pursuing me and when I was his girlfriend. He is deceitful. He has an Asian fetish. Ask him about the current Asian women in his life - Judy, Jane, Carla, Nicole in Vancouver, Carol in London, Lin in China and the list goes on. Most of these women are illegal aliens that he takes care of financially and legally (green card, work visa etc.) He loves to joke with his male friends that he is in search of NP meaning new pu**y. He is also a member of the Cha Cha club in Torrance a gentleman's club and we all know what that means. He spends thousands of dollars to spend time with their Asian girls that he says he drives home because he doesn't want them riding a bus. He meets women off and other Asian women looking for marraige sites, yet he has never been married. He gets very angry when confronted with the truth so watch out. He is a pathological liar and he shows no remorse. He acted as if we were in a serious relationship while all the time he was cheating on me every chance he got. He has no conscious and he lacks emotion.
Out of curiosity I looked to see if there were any Asian men getting bashed for being fakers and phonies. Sure enough, I found a couple.  For instance, this guy is a professional.  So ladies and gents, make no mistake.  Deceitful individuals such as the alleged come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.


  1. MaSir,

    I'm enjoying your blog.

    But just a question: Are you against cheats, fakers, and phonies? Or do women deserve to be lied to and deceived? If you're against cheats, fakers, and liars, why do you support PUA?

    I've met these PUAs in real life, and I've heard the stories from both them AND the women they've "sarged." They cheat, lie, and fake women out all the time. Some of them date more than one woman at a time, and they lie about it. It's not only considered normal in that culture, it's considered good. Check out some of their message boards.

    Read "the Game" by Neil Strauss. I know from personal experience that cheats, fakes, and phonies exist among the Asian PUAs. "The Game" shows that it's pretty much standard in PUA in general.

    (PS: As an aside, I do appreciate that APB has pushed the dialogue about this issue with regards to Asian men. I just think that PUA has proven itself destructive.)

  2. To answer your question bigWOWO, I don't think its really my place to say.

    I like the fact that PUA is helping out Asian-American men become formidable contenders in the dating world. Some of these men may indeed date more than one woman at a time or lie about it as you mentioned. However, that is outside of my realm of responsibility and control. Contrastingly, unlike your first hand experience with Asian PUAs, I have AA male friends who are open and candid with the women they're seeing about their dating habits.

    The point is that PUA is aimed at improving mens' social skills along with their inner and outer game. The end result can lead to multiple sexual engagements with multiple partners, but it can also lead to a meaningful relationship. Isn't that what AM are so bitter about? The growing disparity of AF who whore themselves for WMs, yet don't want anything to do with us because we're considered shy, cheap and unattractive? What is the alternative? Much of this is pent up around AMs confidence levels, social skills and approach anxieties stemming from what we've been breast fed from the media.

    If that means AA men become better at flirting and stretching the truth at times to win over the competition, then I'm all for it. Its better than sitting on the bench being bitter about how the last four couples they saw were WM/AFs.

    Let's not just voice our opinions about the injustices. Let's also take some initiative and responsibility for our dating woes!

  3. Well said, MaSir.

    Every endeavor in life entails some degree of risk - that's just the nature of the universe. Better (for WOMEN TOO) that Asian American men risk breaking the odd heart, if the end goal is for an Asian American man and woman to have a meaningful relationship.

    The following is an example of a white guy who took a chance and never gave up - it's animal diligence, persistence (and above all) INITIATIVE at its best.;_ylt=At8uZESsYgMFhbNi3uFl2nJ9sbV_?slug=ro-hedrick021110&prov=yhoo&type=lgns

    And guess what? He never meant any harm, though it could have turned out that way. They could have broken up and she might have had her heart broken, but because he TOOK A CHANCE, they are about to be MARRIED.

    The argument that Asian American men should not learn how to interact with females because of the off-CHANCE that one (or few or numerous) Asian guys with maturity issues might abuse that knowledge is ludicrous.

    What are they supposed to do then, continue on the path of sexual frustration and virgin-dom? Or maybe wait for their mothers to introduce them to a nice girl from their Asian homelands?

    There is no debate here, at all.

    If some Asian male individuals with no sense of decency uses PU to act just like the white/black/Latino chickenheads who go through women like toilet paper because of their need for self-validation, then that's their problem and they should be rebuked - but not at the price of ALL Asian American being left 'unarmed' without the skills with which to attain personal contentment and an enriching life with a good partner.

  4. Oh by the way... this just occurred to me.

    If all those women on that "don'tdatehimgirl" website put up their stories, doesn't that make them look like ass-clowns as well, for falling for these freakshow white guys?

    What about the Asian girl who was dumb enough to fall for an Asian fetishist like that white guy in the first link? Will she just shrug it off, then continue to satisfy her own racialized/racist fantasies for white men by chasing yet another white douchebag, then complain that he "screwed her over" (in her words)?

    Makes you think... Sure, some of these guys are real jerks, but it's not like these women don't have their own pathologies as well. Maybe they deserve each other, in some cases.

  5. @ AMR. LoL. You are absolutely right. It takes two to tango.

    I'm sure some of the Asian women who fell for these douches are probably the ones who claim how much they *love white guys* only to discover the sad truth that they're getting used like cum dumpsters, and like a bank in some cases!! It's understandable why they would be complaining and filled with contempt, but they're just as responsible for being taken advantage of.

    If you place any person on a pedestal (especially for reasons of color) they will abuse that privilege for their own selfish reasons. Its like the hot girl that acts like a complete bitch to every nice guy, because she knows there will be a ton of other guys who will put up with her fucked up attitude. Same thing goes for males. Go around seeking only white guys and expect to be taken advantage of. These women are obviously naive. Maybe they're unaware of all the shit these kinds of white guys say about them.

    "Asian girls have the tightest pussies."
    "Asian chicks love my white cock."
    "Asian chicks are submissive."
    "Asian women are easy."

    And they expect Asian/AA men to just sit back and take it or be nonchalant about it huh? No ethnic group would put up with that shit. Not even Moses...


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