Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ouch!! That must've hurt.

I came across an interesting rant on Craigslist and thought I'd share it with you. It hurts reading this. No pun intended. Word of advice to the Asian ladies who meet guys with yellow fever. You might want to clench your butt cheeks extra hard just in case you encounter a fetishizing, Asian female ass-fucker. Ouch!
To the guy who fucked me last night, FUCK YOU.

Look, I understand you have a thing for asian girls. When it comes down to it, I suppose I have a thing for white guys, even ones as old as you. And there I was last night with two of my Korean friends, and yeah, they did look hot, and yeah, I thought so too, so it didn't really bother me that you kept referring to us as the hottie asian chicks; that's why we're freakin on each other. Besides, I've gone down on white chicks and even though I was only doing it because I thought he'd like it, I'd much rather go down on either of them so I suppose I have a thing for asian girls too.

I can even deal with the asian themed porn back at your apartment. I used to please my ex-boyfriend and he'd watch asian porn. I can even handle butt sex. There are times when I've almost enjoyed it, but really I'm just tolerating it, because I like pleasing a cock.

But please, don't just cram your fucking dick into my ass without any lube or prep. There's a reason that porn whore can do it. Because she's a fucking PORN WHORE who takes money in exchange for never being able to shit again. That reminds me, when you're fucking a girl in the ass, but didn't give her any money, she's a SLUT, not a WHORE. You called me and "asian whore" like fifty times before you came, and as uncomfortable as that butt sex was, I was thinking "And I'm fucking ESL." And the way you came, pulling my hair and slapping my face with your dick: not fun for me. Remember, you did NOT prep my ass, so your dick was covered with shit. There is no way I was going to suck it no matter how hard you pulled my hair.

Pretty much the only good thing about that sex was that it was at your apartment, so I could call a cab and leave without calling the police and being forced to file a rape charge that would ruin my family just to get you out the door.

When that is the standard, you're a pretty lame fuck and that's probably the reason you don't have a girlfriend. You're a lame fuck who's been lost to a fantasy world and now confuses having fun with watching a porn whore. You're a lame fuck who raped me when, under the right circumstances, I would have gotten an enema, lubed up, and let you sodomize me. I know my friends told you that I'm on the rebound and I wanted to get laid. I wanted to get laid all weekend, and you seemed pretty nice, handsome, and your apartment didn't scare the shit out of me, so you would do, and if not, well there's Saturday night, also. You just fucked it up for all the cool guys who could have gotten a freaky weekend of NSA pussy, because now my asshole hurts and I fucking HATE MEN!


  1. Ouch is right! This sounds like one of those cases that you discussed recently on your blog where the AF didn't even think to insist on a condom.

    Oh well, it's not really her fault, it's the fault of Asian men as was pointed out by Professor Hahm in this article. LOL!

  2. Yeah Lub. I find this completely inexplicable and irresponsible by both parties. Let me get this straight. You meet some random guy who you don't know, nor what know if he is disease free and decide to hump him without a condom? That's pretty damn risky and unsafe. The funny thing is, she even acknowledges she's partial to white guys even though he has an Asian fetish so I put the blame on both individuals.

    To her defense however, we don't know if he was wearing a condom then took it off and proceeded to monopolize her sphincter without her approval. Needless to say, this is another proof point for Hahm's research which appears to be a lot more accurate than I once believed.

  3. This Craigslist post is sad and surreal.

    - Sad that this happened the way it did.
    - Sad that she felt the need to tell the whole world about it on Craigslist.
    - Sad that she takes no self-responsibility; blames the guy.
    - Sad that she's apparently willing put up with _anything_ from a white guy except lubeless anal sex "because now my asshole hurts."
    - Sad that as a result, she hates _all_ men.

    It's surreal that these girls apparently know exactly what they're getting into; have their bf's, ex-bf's or potential dates pegged to a "T" -- yet still, they drive headlong into it. Mental cases. And is this girl who sounds otherwise intelligent unique? Probably not.

  4. How did this poor young woman get herself into this situation? So sad.

  5. Its a risk you take as an Asian female giving it up to just any guy, any ethnicity and any age but particularly one who has a fetish for Asian women. I'm not condoning the douchebag's behavior either, but this girl is primarily responsible for the sour outcome for giving out her shit so easily just because he's white.

    She states he had this Asian fetish, yet earlier she even admits she's partial to white guys, even older ones. So who's ultimately responsible?


  6. A white friend of mine once said that the reason why this pairing is so popular is because the fetish is on both ends, not just one.

    Additionally, he also condemns Asian women because when they say that they don't want someone with an Asian fetish, they really say they don't want a white guy with an Asian fetish.

  7. A white friend of mine once said that the reason why this pairing is so popular is because the fetish is on both ends, not just one.

    Ain't that the truth. Here you go off saying you don't want someone with an Asian fetish but then you turn around saying you only want a white guy, without an Asian fetish of course. Looks like black and latino guys aren't even an option.

  8. That's a fake Craiglist post if I ever saw one. Probably posted by a white dude.

  9. Amazing how many ladies would use that "Asian fetish" logic to put down other Asian, black or Latino men, using it as a justification to act upon their own white male fetish, and date exclusively white men.

    I think that such women needs to accept the fact that just because a non-white man may want to date an Asian woman does not mean that he has a "Asian fetish". Particularly other Asian men in this case.

  10. If the post is actually true and not a joke, then I really feel sorry for the girl.

    She's insecure beyond belief and constantly seeking validation from outside sources, especially those sources she thinks represents status and power in society. Sad.

  11. asian whore hahm -loves anal sex with married men

  12. I agree..the post seems fake.

    that said i always gotta chuckle as the women who complain the loudest about this supposedly rampant yellow fever refuse to date asian men. hypocritical much?

    clever ploy ya gotta admit, as by complaining about yellow fever, it gets the focus off of her and onto the man. People won't thikn to question HER and HER dating patterns.

    sure, some guys do have yellow fever, but I propose that many guys developed it (especially the loser guys who can't get a date) because they realized the asian women had a thing for THEM..that they made it just so easy for them. I mean, if you can't get a date from your own white/black/latin women, but find that asian women for some 'strange' reason are so much 'nicer' to you, then duh, wouldn't you too develop a thing for asian women, if only cuz they make you feel better about your sorry self?


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