Friday, June 10, 2011

Just checking in...

I thought I'd check in to see how my blog is doing since I've walked away from it for awhile.  Perhaps, I'm not the only one who's been busy doing things outside of blogging Asian-American issues but it seems to be a trend. Frankly, I'm quite glad to see this happening as well. That means many of us are moving past these topics and progressing on to bigger and better things like pursuing our careers goals or accomplishing personal projects. Yes, the things that create value for us besides bickering about political and social issues entailing the Asian-American population.

There still has been a lot of back-and-forth arguing about interracial relationships based on a blog I published a while back. I never expected so many readers to come across such an old post of mine to battle it out, but I guess its still an ongoing debate. Some speak of how the posters here are against miscegenation and bigoted. I completely disagree. 

Look, I'm not against interracial relationships and I doubt anyone in this day in age staunchly rejects the notion of two people from different racial backgrounds getting involved with one another. Not to be flippant, that was never the argument. The argument stems from the imbalance of AMs in entertainment and the dating scene. That's it. 

What's surprising for me is that I'm no longer bothered by this issue, simply because I am confident enough to date beautiful women of any ethnicity. I'm spending less time blogging about it and actually doing it instead which is much more fulfilling. And as much as I love my Asian-American sistas, she doesn't even have to be. All she has to be is a beautiful person who is R-E-A-L. 

What do I mean by R-E-A-L? I mean, if you're superficial who places high value on exterior appearances and has an affinity for expensive paraphernalia, then don't pretend like you don't.  There's no point to claim not to be "like one of those girls" because your personality will reveal itself in the end regardless of how hard you try to conceal it. I, along with many others, will have much more respect for you as a person if you expose the truth than to characterize your personality as being that of a tree-hugger when you're obviously not. 

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