Sunday, March 4, 2012

Swizz Beatz to Bring K-Pop to America?

Word has it that Swizz Beatz is trying to bring K-Pop over to the states. I think he's trying to be Teddy Riley and Will.I.Am to the punch. He might be a little late but K-Pop songs still aren't in rotation on American radio stations or clubs. Once that happens, open up the flood gates!
“Bridging the gaps with collaborations can be the start of a global phenomenon. We’ve got this group called Big Bang, they dropped a song called 'Blue,' and I’m like, everybody should know about that,” he continued. “So how do you keep communication going? When you’re a big artist in the states, they roll out the red carpets for you, and I don’t feel that love for artists from other countries when they come here. I’m like, wait a minute, that’s not fair. Why can’t they get some respect?"
The thing I like about Sweezy is that he makes some monster club tracks and has an appreciation for the K-Pop scene as an artist. He also probably feels that American artists are always on a high horse of getting treated like kings and queens on the red carpet but when an artist from Asia comes over to the states, they're not reciprocated with the same treatment.

It's not surprising however. America has the largest market outside of Japan when it comes to music. However, as Sweezy commented that doesn't mean we shouldn't know about groups like Big Bang droppin' Blue when they're such a global phenomenon. Heck, they even beat out Brittany Spears for best world artist at the MTV music awards~!!

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