Saturday, June 23, 2012

Closing Destroy & Rebuild - MaSir's Last Words

I didn't think this day would come so soon, but now seems like the perfect time for me to close down my blog. I'd been thinking about doing this for such a long time and now seems better than ever to do so simply because I need to refocus my priorities on other things.

To my readers out there, I appreciate you visiting and giving my blog a chance. What started out as an experiment to improve upon my writing skills, or lack of skills I should say, turned into a place where I could share my experiences, opinions and deepest emotions on Asian-American issues.

With all of the griping that I'd done in the past, I hope there was also something positive in which you were able to gain from Destroy & Rebuild. This became a place for me to vent and share my how I see things through the lenses of an Asian-American male along with hearing the viewpoints of the readers who commented on this blog. I appreciate you sharing them with me.

To my Asian-American brothers and sisters out there, keep fighting and keep the faith when it comes to pursuing your dreams. As my dad once told me after I left college, "Son, as long as I'd like for you to live a certain way, do what makes you happy. Remember. This is your life."


  1. Sorry to see you go, MaSir, but you got to focus on your personal priorities. it's too bad, because there are just a few of us (you, Ben Ef, myself) who focus on the Asian American male perspective.

    You should be a co-blogger on theAlpha Asian. We'd love to get your perspective on things every once in a while.

  2. I'm sorry to see you good sir, yourself Alpha Asian, Ben's site, and Angry Asian Man really got me thinking about the Asian male's perspective on things. To see you go is a great loss to say the least.

    As some of my past readers have told me when I quit last year, we only hope to hear from you again soon.

  3. MaSir Jones, if it means anything, there are many non-asians like myself (Puerto Rican woman) who understand the Asian-American men's concerns. The topic in your blog about the correlation between sexual practices and the increase in STD rate among young Asian-American women was credible. I'm sure many commentators were glad you have the foresight and courage to blog it and to share your concerns by voicing your opinion. This sociological issue of why some Asian-American women think the way they do in their selection process of what deems an ideal sexual partner is troubling even to me. I hope it isn't pervasive because the criteria (if I can call it that) are quite shallow and superficial. MaSir Jones, is it true what some of my AAW friends told me that it wasn't like that in the past (and we weren't talking about the austere and punitive practices against Asian women by Asian men of the ancient/medieval times)? Apparently, from what I'm told, the casual sex practices of today with Asian-Americans have replaced the no sex before marriage of the past (albeit, they did say there were premarital sex in Asia to a small degree, but the behavior was generally frowned upon and not considered the norm). As you can see, you did a wealth of good by broaching this topic. I personally have gained much insight because of your initiative and am so glad to hear that you are moving forward with your life. You sound like a bright young man and the best regards in your future endeavors. Thank you MaSir Jones.


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