Friday, June 8, 2012

K-Pop Group BIG BANG Will Dominate World Music

This next blog is dedicated to BIG BANG. The other Asian male group putting all Asian males on the map. The rising popularity of BIG BANG is unprecedented. They just made a massive jump on the Billboard Social 50 charts moving up from 36 to 12 in one week. Amazing. Check out one of my favorite videos they released not too long ago called Bad Boy.

Every one of you should check out BIG BANG. This K-Pop group consists of five raw, unadulterated talented artists. Seriously. I'm not just saying this, because I'm biased.  I'm saying this because these guys have more style and flavor than many of the artists here in the states *ahem*...Bieber. You know the streets are talkin' when even Swizz Beats talks about wanting to work with the group.

You can argue with me all you want how K-Pop sounds manufactured, well guess what? What about all the crap that's been coming out on the radio for the past decade? Bitches, hoes, clubbing, cars, money. Yes. Great. What else? I'm not saying all radio music is bad, nor am I saying even that kind of music is bad, but let's not pretend like America is Oh-So-Original when it clearly isn't.

What I like about BIG BANG is that they serve as a good role model for Asian-American males. "But they're not even American", you say. It doesn't matter. They bring a fresh, new Asian male image to the forefront of people's minds which is what I'm trying to get at. In addition, they're very hard-working, masculine, stylish, creative, pump out great music and rock it with uncontested swagger. Most importantly, they capture the hearts of the ladies, and who wouldn't want to emulate any of those characteristics? I saw an ad online for their new Monster video on YouTube and stumbled across all these "Reaction Videos". I had no idea they had such a far-reaching fan-base non-Asian fanbase. It's pretty freakin' nuts. Who would've thought that a boy band from Asia would make girls worldwide squeal like this?


  1. most the girls seem like they're in other countries than the USofA.

    other countries are way more liberal and open minded towards Asians.

    it's still the US racist media that's making Asians to be caricatures of real people

    1. That's partially true but I will say I was surprised by the fact that there are so many non-Asian American girls that know of BIG BANG. Take for instance the top 3 video clips along with some others below. It's only a matter of time...with economic power comes massive social media influence.

  2. I notice that in the Bad Boy video the girls they are chasing at the beginning are all white with an asian girl included for good measure. No other ethnic girls appear. Maybe this is just a 1 video aberration, but for a group that obvious owes most of their style points to African-American hip hop, right down to the attitude, baggy pants, and hand gestures, it would be nice to see black girls not just as fans but acknowledged in the videos as worth chasing as well.

    1. I agree with your assessment, partially. They're style isn't necessarily "African-American". In fact it's a blend of many different styles ranging from hip hop to european-electronica.

      These girls aren't even American white. That being said, it'd be great to see American white, black and latina girls in their next video.

      Maybe they will if, and I say a BIG IF, American Entertainment & Media decides to give airplay to BIGBANG on the radio or MTV. Then again, maybe hell would have to freeze over first. If I were BIGBANG I'd do a collaboration with Far East Movement to make that more of a reality. :)

    2. I mean to say their style...errr...grammar check

    3. it's sort of ridiculous to say it isn't necessarily african american. what a joke. you need to go back and study western/american popular culture and music.

      just about everything about the way they dress, their manner, their dance, their intonation and of course the actual music is based on black american style. period. it's purely a lie to suggest or say otherwise.

      on top of that, just about all western pop music is based on black american music. so, there you go.

      you are just wrong.

      without usher, michael jackson and every other black artists the kpop people like to copy, kpop would not exist. only hubris would lead you to deny this.

      having said that, i don't expect a kpop group to depict themselves lusting after black girls. black girls who expect this are just stupid.

  3. The S. Korean government have been pumping a lot of money into their entertainment industry over the years as a way of promoting Korean culture worldwide, pop culture/entertainment media is probably the most effective way to appeal to the mass thus the 'hallyu wave' phenomenon. I think other Asian countries can also learn from this.


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